25 May 2008

Blessed Insecurity

I just want to share an article that I read for devotion and which pretty much struck my mind.

Let's read together :

Read 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Insecure? I would have never guessed it of him. Yet this well-known communicator/teacher of God's Word was admitting to his congregation that he often feels insecure. I was surprised, but could identify with his feeling. I too find insecurity a frequent companion. It gnaws at my confidence and plagues my heart with questions. Did I preach an effective sermon? Was I misunderstood? Shouldn't I be a better father? Am I as sensitive as I should be to my wife?

I dislike insecure feelings intensely. But I also realize that they can have tremendous value, because it's in those times that my heart flies to the Lord for strength. Insecurity drives me to seek His Word for perspective and to rely on Him for comfort.

Insecurity also keeps me from the distortion of a proud spirit. Most often, insecurity is prompted by a focus on being sufficient in ourselves to succeed. It thrives on the desire to look good, to be recognized as being special and worthy. Thankfully, insecure feelings help serve as helpful reminders of how truly insufficient we are in and of ourselves, of how much we need God. If we never felt insecure, we would be plagued by the worst enemy of all, self-sufficiency. As C.S. Lewis once said,"It is not a good thing to say we have all we need if that 'all' does not include God."

I find that my insecurities also help me become more sensitive to others, and more ready to offer a much-needed word of encouragement to another who may be struggling with the silent accuser of insecurity.

The truth is that I am a risk to God's effective work through me. We all are. Pride, insensitivity, self-sufficiency, and a host of other potential snipers lurk under the surface of our lives. But as Paul reminds us, these weaknesses can ultimately reveal God's power in us. He often uses insecurity to turn pride into authentic humility, self-sufficiency into solid trust in God, and insensitivity into a useful and empathetic sensitivity to others. Look under the cloud of anxiety and insecurity. . . the silver lining is that it provides an honest look at yourself and a productive reliance on God. -Joe Stowell

What are you thinking about after reading the passage?

I know that I myself do suffer from insecure feelings at times, especially just recently.

Do you too?

What situations make you insecure?
Mind to share?

I will share about mine in the coming post.

Have a great week people! :)

4 potatoes speak:

carmen said...

Good post daphne! It's indeed true that when we're weak, He makes us strong. No matter what we do, as long as we trust in the Lord, it will definitely go on well(according to His plan). Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understandings, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight. Have a good week ahead! =)

joshuaongys said...

thats it.. ppl will only LOOK for GOD when they feel insecure, facing problems and is helpless... its quite a sad case actually... and well, what situations makes me feel insecure...

there are many, really many.. that varies from time to time... however i will try my very best not to let that "disturb" me too long.. ><

take care!!

3POINT8 said...

Insecurities... I feel that all the time. But I do not feel weak with my insecurities. In fact, I feel...human.

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