30 May 2008

Lovey Dovey Kiss Kiss

I had no idea that we could actually MAKE-OUT in many different languages!

You must be wondering,"Whatthecrap is Daph saying?!?"

Here, I'll show you :


Like, what kind of a book title is that??

Mata also terbeliak already @.@

More languages anyone?

Such diversity eh. HAHAHA XD

Don't worry people, because now we can all make out in so many kinds of languages!


25 May 2008

Blessed Insecurity

I just want to share an article that I read for devotion and which pretty much struck my mind.

Let's read together :

Read 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Insecure? I would have never guessed it of him. Yet this well-known communicator/teacher of God's Word was admitting to his congregation that he often feels insecure. I was surprised, but could identify with his feeling. I too find insecurity a frequent companion. It gnaws at my confidence and plagues my heart with questions. Did I preach an effective sermon? Was I misunderstood? Shouldn't I be a better father? Am I as sensitive as I should be to my wife?

I dislike insecure feelings intensely. But I also realize that they can have tremendous value, because it's in those times that my heart flies to the Lord for strength. Insecurity drives me to seek His Word for perspective and to rely on Him for comfort.

Insecurity also keeps me from the distortion of a proud spirit. Most often, insecurity is prompted by a focus on being sufficient in ourselves to succeed. It thrives on the desire to look good, to be recognized as being special and worthy. Thankfully, insecure feelings help serve as helpful reminders of how truly insufficient we are in and of ourselves, of how much we need God. If we never felt insecure, we would be plagued by the worst enemy of all, self-sufficiency. As C.S. Lewis once said,"It is not a good thing to say we have all we need if that 'all' does not include God."

I find that my insecurities also help me become more sensitive to others, and more ready to offer a much-needed word of encouragement to another who may be struggling with the silent accuser of insecurity.

The truth is that I am a risk to God's effective work through me. We all are. Pride, insensitivity, self-sufficiency, and a host of other potential snipers lurk under the surface of our lives. But as Paul reminds us, these weaknesses can ultimately reveal God's power in us. He often uses insecurity to turn pride into authentic humility, self-sufficiency into solid trust in God, and insensitivity into a useful and empathetic sensitivity to others. Look under the cloud of anxiety and insecurity. . . the silver lining is that it provides an honest look at yourself and a productive reliance on God. -Joe Stowell

What are you thinking about after reading the passage?

I know that I myself do suffer from insecure feelings at times, especially just recently.

Do you too?

What situations make you insecure?
Mind to share?

I will share about mine in the coming post.

Have a great week people! :)

21 May 2008

A Short Sucky Sappy Poem I Wrote

There is so much on her mind since that day
Everything that she was told made her mind blank
She's so full of thoughts, yet so blank
Yes, life is never fair
But how unfair can it be?
Or maybe she's just a fool
A foolish girl finding her way through
She tried to give you everything
She tried to be the best she could for you and her
You gave up on her so easily
On yourself, on both of you
Maybe you never really wanted it as much
Or maybe she's the fool
The fool that caused all this upon herself
And guess who that fool is?

I gave you my heart, and that's all I can give you.
And if that's not enough, I guess I'm not enough.

I guess things will never be the same again.
No, wait. I know they won't ever be.

14 May 2008

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honor

In conjunction with the release for Made of Honor in Malaysia, Hong Leong Bank in collaboration with Buena Vista Columbia Tristar is having an exquisite 8 course dinner at JW Marriott KL which features various wedding themed performances and the movie premiere of Made of Honor right after the dinner.

Details of the event as followed;

Date : Thursday, 12th June 2008
Venue: JW Marriott KL Ballroom
Attire : Formal, Suit, Evening Gown

The people at Hong Leong were nice enough to offer Nuffnangers 40 invitations to the grand event! Each invitation grants access for two and is inclusive of the Premiere Screening of Made of Honor.

If you were wondering, YES, this is another contest. HEEHEE.
And so, Daphne is going to fish her way to Made Of Honor! Bwahahaha XD

My first score:

And my final highest score after many many attempts:

Hopefully it's high enough to get me invitations :D

If you're a Nuffnang-er and want to try your hands on this game, go here. The deadline for request of invitations is on the 4th of June 2008. For more info, click here or log on to www.nuffnang.com.my

11 May 2008

Mama You're The Queen Of My Heart


Not updating anything in this post.
Just want to share some free vouchers with all.
Got discount voucher don't tell me you don't want ahhh.
Who doesn't love discounts, right?
Hahaha :D

Here are some KFC discount vouchers for readers of ThePinkBanana.
See, Daphne being so nice to you all. Tell me I'm nice ! XD
Anyway enjoy them. Remember to use em before they expire end of this month!

Jelly Ice Cream : *click here*

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You can treat your mom to a belated mother's day meal too! LOL.
That's for now kiddies. Tataaaaas~

09 May 2008

I Want To Eat Big Mac

Okay, so I did not win the Redang trip. =(

But I was rewarded with a mystery prize instead.

A 2D1N stay voucher at Tune hotels. Ok la, not so bad right?
But I wonder, when am I ever gonna use it laaaa?

And it's so hard to type anything now thanks to my "new" nails sponsored by bestie, Sook Ching.
Long & pink & chio, but very ma farn ehh.
So I'm going off now. Taaaaa.

08 May 2008

Dreamz Of A Dreamer

Question : Who is the professional image consultant dishing out juicy tips on how to look your best at CloveTWO.com's Lookin' Good section?
Answer : Wendy Lee.

Question : Name the bloggers at the Guy and Parent blogs.
Answer : Andrew William and Sharmila Rajah.

Question : At which section do you find stories on women's fashion and beauty?
Answer : Style Sheet.

Attending Dreamz would be a dream come true for me because I am a dreamer who loves dreaming of lively, colourful and magical events and by attending Dreamz in person, I know that dreams do actually come true.

p/s : This is a contest organized by AMBP a.k.a All Malaysian Bloggers Project. For more info on the contest, log on to their website at http://allmalaysia.info/ambp/.

The show, called Dreamz, and brought to you by Genting - City of Entertainment, actually has a storyline (of sorts), and is all colourful and magical and loud and busy, featuring lots of people in body-hugging suits and tights, jumping around, doing magic, performing death-defying stunts and acrobatics, and er, getting their heads separated from their bodies, among other things.

And AMBP is giving out
80 double passes (worth RM260 each) to the show and you can win them by joining the contest, as long as you are a member of AMBP and a registered MyStar user.

Sharing this contest with you all so that you can have a chance to to catch Dreamz live at Genting.
Have fun and good luck! =)

07 May 2008

Yes I Want Another Holiday!

Guess what??

I joined a contest to try my luck to win a trip to Pulau Redang, and I got an email yesterday from the organizers of the contest.

Here's the email I received :

I'm one of the top 3 finalists! Yippeeeee! =D
The winner will be announced tomorrow and I really hope I can win the trip.

Don't know if I'll win anything for being in the top 3 or not, but damn happy wei. Hehe.

Let's all pray and hope that I win it okay?

But I don't wanna get too gan jeong and all, see see didn't win then malu only @.@

Haha but I'm still pretty happy bout it, feeling much like a joyful jumping bean :DDDD

06 May 2008

JetStar - Fly Me To Singapore!

An advertiser has chosen to advertise on ThePinkBanana! Yay!

Campaign : JetStar

Now you can fly with JetStar, direct from KLIA to Singapore Terminal 1 from only RM8* !

Cheap right?

Some of the facilities offered are :

- You can choose your seats online for free.
- Leather seats
- Excellent On-time performance
- 20kg baggage allowance
- New aircraft, Airbus (A320s)

For more info, log on to http://www.jetstar.com/flytosingapore/ and check it out.
*terms and conditions apply.

And people, do help me out by clicking on the JetStar advertisement above my blog header!
Would appreciate it loads :]
Click it okie? CLICK CLICK CLICK ! Haha :D

05 May 2008

I'm Backkk

I'm a happy happy kid ! :DDDDDDD

Got back from Hat Yai yesterday, about 4-ish in the evenning.
Been wanting to blog but still kinda malas.
Having monthly cramps at the moment, hurts like #%@!^&$.
Haven't really unpacked my stuff, especially the things that I bought.
So I'll update very very soon, as soon as I finish doing everything that I need to do.

Toodles!~ [: