03 April 2008

Sunshine, Rain & Rainbows.

Today is a happpydappy day :]
Spent the day with Clarence.
Had sushi at Sushi King, then he accompanied me to buy a mouse and a cooler for my laptop. And the mouse means an optical mouse ya. Hehe.

He was 'kind' enough to let me drive his car around for a few moments only.
Says I'm still a newbie and very inexperienced wor. If you don't let me drive around then how am I gonna learn and gain experience la? Apalahhh.

Caught "Ah Long Pte Ltd" at 4.10pm. Actually it was more like 4.40pm because we were late thanks to you know who you are because of you know what you were doing. GRR. =P
Not bad a show. It wasn't only in Mandarin but in Hokkien, Cantonese, English, a bit of Malay & Tamil and other languages that I no nothing of. Funny at certain parts. It's okay for a Malaysian-Siangapore movie. Mark Lee who acted as an effeminate dance instructor cum image stylist was really really gay and funny. Haha.

My day might not seem any special or interesting to you, but I am indeed very elated today.
*smiles are all in the air* =))))