10 April 2008

Masking My Face With Wine

Are you a comic fan?

I'm definitely one! But not to the extend where I'm super crazy about them.

One of my all-time favourite would be Archie Comics.

I love it loads! And I've loads of em' here at home. In the drawers, on my table, in the living room, almost everywhere. And most of the time, I would be reading it on the bed and while having my meals (yeah I know it's bad table manners, but I just can't help it =D).

Let me introduce the main characters.

L-R: Reggie Mantle, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, and Jughead Jones.

We shall start with Archie first, okie?

Archie is the main character. He is a typical red-headed teenage boy and has great interest in dating. He tends to be clumsy and accident prone. Both Betty and Veronica are always fighting over his attention.

Next would be Betty, the blonde who is the-girl-next door. She has a very pleasant personality. She's a good student, athlete, cook and auto mechanic. She's the kind one among the characters, sort of like the Cinderella type of girl. She has the hots for and only for Archie, and is best friends with Veronica.

Jughead is Archie's bet friend. He is VERY obsessed with food and eating. And is apathetic towards all females. He has a dog named Hot Dog which is pretty fat and some what lazy as him. When it comes to Jughead, it's all about the food and nothing else. Gluttony! Haha.

Now, to Veronica Lodge. This fine young lady is a rich daughter of a banker, one of the richest in Riverdale. She's a spoilt spoilt brat. The typical 'anak orang kaya' kind of personality. Most boys in Riverdale think she's the hot babe, which she herself thinks so too. Although she is best friends with Betty Cooper, they are rivals when it comes to winning Archie's affection.

Last but not least, Reggie, the most vain character in the book. He is self-obsessed, narcissistic. A conceited practical joker, he dislikes Archie and plays lots of pranks on him because it is usually Archie who gets the girls' attention. He dates Veronica, and Betty too, but rarely.

Love Archie Comics! =DDD

Other than Archie, I also enjoy much reading Dilbert. Here's a strip:

So what's your favourite comic read ? (=

10 potatoes speak:

joshuaongys said...

ahhhh archie!! lolx my fav comic read... GOT MANY LOLZ!!! dragon ball, slam dunk and etc.. i prefer the ones from japan >< they call it manga haha

dr 1/6 said...

calvin and hobbes.

and i miss reading zits in the mornings (the star)

and of course. archie comics! le sigh. le sigh!

zhengdhong said...

ooo~ AARCHIE COmics~! love them.. its been awhile since i last read one...

thepinkbanana said...

joshuaongys: I read some manga too. Recently only la. Hehe. Have you heard of Fruits Basket? I'm reading that at the mo.

dr 1/6: SARAHHHH! ehee I read them everyday. Zits and Durian life is the same right?

zhengdhong: =D

JuLJuL said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Archie! I have tons of Archie comics at home too. And ZITS! And Garfield! Heartz them to death.

gavin said...

Archie comics!!!!! i love it!!!!! XD

Anonymous said...

hmm, what about richie rich? do you read them too?

thepinkbanana said...

anonymous: I didn't know richie rich comics existed! Haha. I've watched the movie before though, and it's niceee.

tu xin said...

ahhhh aarrrcchiiieee...!

Anonymous said...

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