21 April 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl - The Final Six

Let's go through the contestants one by one, shall we?

First up, DREAM 01 - Miss Adeline

Pretty face, but doesn't know how to work it. Since the first photoshoot challenge till the 6th one, her face expression is still the same. BORING. She has the height, the body, the looks, but not the expression. Somehow in her pictures, she always looks like she's moody or unhappy. As you can see from the Wella to Savanh Too to Couture Batik photoshoot above, she just looks the same. She's only stuck with one face expression and nothing else. *yawn* She doesn't really top the others but she isn't the worst also. I really wonder why are people voting for her. She should have been out earlier in my opinion. Fiqa should still be in instead. In her latest photoshoot, Adeline works the dress really well. The outfit, the turn-around swing and the pose, just perfect. But her face tells a different story. She's sulking and wants to cry? Looks so to me.

My point is : No improvement, boring.
Rate : 1.5 out of 5 stars

Next, DREAM 03 - Miss Cindy

She's improving bit by bit. Good job girl! Less drama in the house lately, which is a good thing, right? Haha. I would say that her pictures are getting better slowly one by one. And she has toned down lots since the days of controversy in the house. In her latest picture, she looks gorgeous! And I love the dress! It's like she's saying,"It's my dress and I know I look good in it". Off-shoulder dresses are beauutifoool ! Lovely lovely lovely.

My point is : She's getting on the right track, improving slowly. Good job!
Rate : 2.5 out of 5 stars

Here's DREAM 06 - Datin Hanis

The youngest dreamgirl in the house baby! Speaks so cutely with her Malay-ish slang. Hardly anyone would be able to resist her cuteness. Very likeable by the audience as she's never been in the bottom three. Let's take a look at her photos. In her Wella photoshoot, she looks very uninviting and fierce, so tribal. Lol. Like "I'm gonna eat youu!" She looks very elegant yet proud in the red dress. The picture screams out that she's royalty, don't play play ok. And dressed in blue batik, she looks so floral, so beach bum type. Very soft looking, like a traditional dancer, unlike the previous two pictures. I'm guessing that she'll be in the final 3. High chance she will be.

My point is : Young and fresh, pretty versatile in taking up different roles.
Rate : 4 out of 5 stars

DREAM 07 - Miss Jay

The most experienced, the 'fairy godmother' of the house, the tallest one, is none other than Jay. She's one of my favourites. Has a nice body with long legs and great skin tone. She's one of the dominant contestants in photoshoots where she stands out much, maybe because she's tall la. Haha. But she takes good pictures too. Her pictures from the Wella and Savanh Too photoshoot are good. Especially that yellow dress she's wearing. I wish I could wear something like that =D However her latest photo of her in the red batik dress isn't as strong as the ones before. She looks like she's wandering around aimlessly. It doesn't speak to me much (literally la, I know photos can't speak). Though she's one of the good contestants, not many people are voting for her. She was supposed to be eliminated in the latest episode (ep 14) but got lucky when Sazzy announced that it wasn't elimination week. Lucky for you, Jay!

My point is : She has what it takes, vote for her lah people!
Rate : 4 out of 5 stars

And now we have, DREAM 09 - Cik Nadia

Sexyy ladyy. Another dominant model among the girls. Takes strong and loud pictures. But sometimes she's just wayy too confident. Of course everyone there wants to win, not only you. Very emotional. Easily offended. Wants things her way, or else. She has this very fierce look, but she looks better when she smiles. In the dreamhouse, she's the bold one, she's the fighter. Not someone who compromises well with others. She has potential, but her attitude is killing it I would say. Her pictures don't really catch my eyes. Yeah. That's about it about her. I think.

My point is : Potential model but unlovely characteristics.
Rate : 4 out of 5 stars

Last but not least, DREAM 11 - Miss Ringo

The tiniest girl in the show. Petite and cute looking. I would say she doesn't really takes great pictures, they're just okay only. From looking like Queen Amidala from Star Wars, to the cute tribal rockstar look, to looking like Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, she's not bad lah. I'd say her Wella picture was the most unattractive one among all. But since that, she's improved. She looks like a fairy in the couture batik she wore. Other than Hanis, she's the only contestant who has never been in the bottom three. Why? She has a huge fan base I tell you, because of her blog, so I'm pretty sure most of her readers are voting to keep her in. What to do, this is a voting competition, not a real modelling reality show anymore.

My point is : Getting better from time to time, and would definitely be in the top 3 with the amount of people voting for her.
Rate : 2.5 out of 5 stars

There you have it, my view on the final six of the Malaysian Dreamgirl.

Next round during elimination, three girls will be eliminated together.

Who I think SHOULD be in the finals:
1. Jay
2. Hanis
3. Nadia

Who I think will make it to the finals:
1. Ringo - Her fan base is just too wide.
2. Hanis - Many people like her.
3. Cindy - She seems to be getting back the viewers support.

I hope to see the judges more before the elimination, and hopefully it wouldn't be based fully on the viewer's votes, as it is pretty unfair I would say. It would be better if it was 50% votes and 50% judges decision. Don't you agree?

5 potatoes speak:

Anonymous said...

Agree!It's more of a popularity contest.Not so much of a modelling one.After all,some of the good ones are already voted out!

chrys said...

hey daphne. thanks for the comment and your support =)pretty much just found bout your blog and its cool too. shall read on. and ur summary on the models were good lol but antm models sorta like beat malaysian ones flat haha

Mei Wah said...

hey miss D,

i can't believe Jay's out! huhuhu... =( so sad lor... she's the only one that i think DESERVE the title of malaysian dreamgirl. adeline's face expression (as you said) is boring... i totally agree with that! and cindy is so bitchy i don't like her... hmm, just wait and see who will get the title...

jenn* said...

i like fiqa since the very start of the show. sigh. she's out too. i have a feeling ringo will win coz she has a wide fan base. and im guility one of them. haha.

by the way, is gossips girl 2 out online?

Anonymous said...

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