29 April 2008

Just a short short update

Last weekend was good.
The EY had a trip to Sungai Klah, somewhere in Sungkai.
Went to experience the mountain spring and hot spring. Really relaxing. Had loads of fun with youths from other churches as well. Job well done to the organizers! =) Had dinner at Kampar while on the way back to Ipoh. Nice outing, will be waiting for the next one, that is if I'm still around here in Ipoh.

Will be leaving for a short trip to Haadyai (or is it Hat Yai?) tomorrow night. Holiday and shopping! Weeeeeeeeeee :D
Finding info now on places to visit and eat and shop and so on.
Won't be back till Sunday, so miss me people! =P

By the way, new chatbox installed. Removed the old one but it seems there are people who are really free to spam and flame my new one. So just want to apologize to you people reading my blog. Don't really need to bother about it yeah. Life's like that, no?

Have a great week everyone! Will update when I'm back home.