05 April 2008

The Dreamgirl Saga Continues

Being a contestant in the Dreamgirl reality show is considered lucky.

They are so pampered with almost everything. Like the RM1000 AmBank NexG Prepaid MasterCard they each received in the beginning, Escada Moon Sparkle fragrance, make-up demo at Bertha Gallery, catwalk classes, gorgeous clothes by Bebe, Ted Baker and Reebok that they model in, and Wella Professionals agreeing to take care of the 12 girls hair for a year!

Tak rugi even if eliminated also. Haha.

So, are you catching up with the recent episodes? Are you are you?
Well if you're not, let me tell you about it.

In episode 8, after Valerie was eliminated, the girls had a white summer and lively photo shoot the next day.
The term 'lively' meant a happy cheerful smiley smiley shoot. Sounds easy eh?
They were all dressed in white. All dresses by Bebe.
The contestants were looking very pure, sweet, and demure.
White represents innocence.
And that's how they were all looking in that photo shoot.
Like angels, except without wings of course.

Wanna have a look at the pictures of the shoot?

Pretty, aren't they? They send out cheerful vibes to everyone. =D

Adeline looks so-so to me. Not too cheery not too sad.
Cindy's wide smile is lovely.
Eyna is gorgeous just like that.
Fiqa's picture with her mouth open is my favourite picture.
Hanis is so like the-girl-next-door. Really cantik.
Jay however seems kind of plain to me. Her photos are about the same.
Nadia yang garang menunjukkan soft-side nya. Haha. She looks much better when she smiles.
Last but not least, Ringo. What can I say? Cute cute cute! Cheezee smiles. Heehee.

After this, they had VO Training and Challenge at Red FM. They had to come up with a 30 second advert for the AmBank NexG Prepaid MasterCard. Congrats to Cindy who won the prize as a guest DJ on one of the shows. Well, she deserved to win. (=

In Episode 9, the girls had their hair all pampered by the Wella Professionals Hair Spa Treatment. I want too! Then after they went for a fashion shoot set visit where they were supposed to watch and learn how photo shoots are done by professional models which are represented by Andrew's Models.

I'm sure you know who got kicked out during elimination.
Yes, it's Eyna. Very predictable as she was in the bottom three for 3 weeks in a row.
But sadly, it's such a waste that such good talent don't get the voters support.
In my opinion, people did not really vote for her much as she's labelled as the quietest among the girls. Quiet in person, but loud in pictures. Now that's rare.

To Eyna,

Although you're eliminated, you are very very talented and I think it is Malaysian Dreamgirl's loss to have you leave the show. You have what it takes and you know it. All the best to you in future!

p/s: I doubt you'll ever read this, but anyway.


Anyhow, the show must go on.

So in episode 10, the remaining 7 finalist had Wella Inspiration Photoshoot.
Well, mention Wella and hair care comes to your mind. So this photo shoot is all about hair, and super long fake lashes.

Adeline - It looks like she does not have the 'energy'. She looks sleepy and moody.
Dream 01 to 33001

Cindy - The hair's nice. Very Elvis like. Her eyes seem weird though.
DREAM 03 to 33001

Fiqa - SO DANG GORGEOUS. The hair is superduperfantastica! And her eyes. Simply cantik. I think her picture is the best among all for this photo shoot.
DREAM 05 to 33001

Hanis - She looked better in the video. She looks so GRR. Haha. But still pretty indeed.
DREAM 06 to 33001

Jay - She looks like an African lady here. Her skin tone is beautiful. And she's NOT a tranny!
DREAM 07 to 33001

Nadia - It's just okay. She had better pictures taken before.
DREAM 09 to 33001

Ringo - This photo doesn't interest me at all. Sorry Ringo. Looks so old and BLAH.
DREAM 11 to 33001

Compare all the photos taken since week 1, I feel that Fiqa, Hanis, Jay and Nadia are pretty stable in this competition. They come across as quite consistent and are gradually getting better as each week passes. I'm not saying that the others are bad, but it just doesn't seem like they are improving.

All the girls together during the Wella Inspiration photo shoot.

The last 2 parts of episode 10 are AGAIN about the drama happening in the house.
Cindy's father is pretty upset with Fiqa and Hanis for saying bad things about Cindy and also with the program for uploading it to the public because they are criticizing her character and behaviour and that it is really unfair to her.

Well, this is a way of publicity for the show and for Cindy as well, in a negative way of course.

But then again, why would the other contestants simply say things about her if it didn't happen?

And what is it with Fiqa being flirtatious all of a sudden???
Seems like there are many stories that we, the public don't really know about eh.

Ahhh, the shoe issue between Fiqa and Cindy.
In this recent episode, Cindy said that it was about Reebok sneakers. BUT THEN, Fiqa on the other hand in one of the previous episodes said that it was about the heels in Nose.
Hmm. Sangat bercanggah la what they both said. So who is actually telling the truth? Or did both incidents happen? They media should dig deeper to find out the truth.
It's sort of like so typically lah. Girls fighting over a pair of shoes. HA HA HA.

I kind of pity Cindy in a way. She says she's not being herself anymore and not talking bla bla bla. Looks like she is very very very frustrated with Hanis and Fiqa. But she didn't need to talk about Hanis being 17, wearing braces and can't speak proper English lah right?!?

Like please, you don't need to get back at someone like that. It's not like you speak perfect English anyway. Sad to say, you're making yourself look childish to all the people out there watching you on the internet. Cindy is creating issues for herself, like whether is she supposed to speak Bahasa Melayu to prove she's laid back or whatever.

Cindy, you allow people to change who you say you are. Why not just stand firm and be you? Since you say that that is how you really are, why not be true to yourself? I think you're intimidated by other girls. Especially the things they say.

Cindy ate Nadia's tomatoes, Nadia got angry and cursed Cindy's mom!
OMG. Nadia said p***mak. Now that's terrible. Just for some tomatoes?

@.@ + =.="' = SUPER DUPER SWEAT!

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