29 April 2008

Just a short short update

Last weekend was good.
The EY had a trip to Sungai Klah, somewhere in Sungkai.
Went to experience the mountain spring and hot spring. Really relaxing. Had loads of fun with youths from other churches as well. Job well done to the organizers! =) Had dinner at Kampar while on the way back to Ipoh. Nice outing, will be waiting for the next one, that is if I'm still around here in Ipoh.

Will be leaving for a short trip to Haadyai (or is it Hat Yai?) tomorrow night. Holiday and shopping! Weeeeeeeeeee :D
Finding info now on places to visit and eat and shop and so on.
Won't be back till Sunday, so miss me people! =P

By the way, new chatbox installed. Removed the old one but it seems there are people who are really free to spam and flame my new one. So just want to apologize to you people reading my blog. Don't really need to bother about it yeah. Life's like that, no?

Have a great week everyone! Will update when I'm back home.


24 April 2008

It's all in the eyes of the beholder.

Let us test whether our eyes and brains are really functioning as well as it should be. ;D

Try it!

Can you see 2 ladies? There's an old lady and a young maiden.

Here's 2 old lovers, 2 singers and a vase.

There are 2 different words in these two pictures. Try finding it!

The man in coffee beans. Can you spot his face?

Stare at the black light bulb for at least 30 seconds.

Then immediately stare at a white area on the screen or at a sheet of glowing paper.
You should see a glowing light bulb!

Going up or going down?

Do you see one man? Or several people?
If you look very carefully, you'll find 9 different faces in the picture; the 9th belongs to the dog.

Your brain feeling tired already? Lol. Here's one more maths illusion for you:

How many of you managed to pass all of it?

I myself had trouble with 2 or 3 pictures.

If you still haven't managed to find the hidden pictures, actually it's not really hidden but anyway, keep on trying! I guess our brains aren't really functioning as well as it should be huh?


Good day people!

23 April 2008

Finger Speed Test

How fast can your fingers move? Move to type of course. Haha.

This is how fast mine can!

285 characters per minute, considered alot right? =D

Go to http://speedtest.10-fast-fingers.com/ and check how fast you type!

21 April 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl - The Final Six

Let's go through the contestants one by one, shall we?

First up, DREAM 01 - Miss Adeline

Pretty face, but doesn't know how to work it. Since the first photoshoot challenge till the 6th one, her face expression is still the same. BORING. She has the height, the body, the looks, but not the expression. Somehow in her pictures, she always looks like she's moody or unhappy. As you can see from the Wella to Savanh Too to Couture Batik photoshoot above, she just looks the same. She's only stuck with one face expression and nothing else. *yawn* She doesn't really top the others but she isn't the worst also. I really wonder why are people voting for her. She should have been out earlier in my opinion. Fiqa should still be in instead. In her latest photoshoot, Adeline works the dress really well. The outfit, the turn-around swing and the pose, just perfect. But her face tells a different story. She's sulking and wants to cry? Looks so to me.

My point is : No improvement, boring.
Rate : 1.5 out of 5 stars

Next, DREAM 03 - Miss Cindy

She's improving bit by bit. Good job girl! Less drama in the house lately, which is a good thing, right? Haha. I would say that her pictures are getting better slowly one by one. And she has toned down lots since the days of controversy in the house. In her latest picture, she looks gorgeous! And I love the dress! It's like she's saying,"It's my dress and I know I look good in it". Off-shoulder dresses are beauutifoool ! Lovely lovely lovely.

My point is : She's getting on the right track, improving slowly. Good job!
Rate : 2.5 out of 5 stars

Here's DREAM 06 - Datin Hanis

The youngest dreamgirl in the house baby! Speaks so cutely with her Malay-ish slang. Hardly anyone would be able to resist her cuteness. Very likeable by the audience as she's never been in the bottom three. Let's take a look at her photos. In her Wella photoshoot, she looks very uninviting and fierce, so tribal. Lol. Like "I'm gonna eat youu!" She looks very elegant yet proud in the red dress. The picture screams out that she's royalty, don't play play ok. And dressed in blue batik, she looks so floral, so beach bum type. Very soft looking, like a traditional dancer, unlike the previous two pictures. I'm guessing that she'll be in the final 3. High chance she will be.

My point is : Young and fresh, pretty versatile in taking up different roles.
Rate : 4 out of 5 stars

DREAM 07 - Miss Jay

The most experienced, the 'fairy godmother' of the house, the tallest one, is none other than Jay. She's one of my favourites. Has a nice body with long legs and great skin tone. She's one of the dominant contestants in photoshoots where she stands out much, maybe because she's tall la. Haha. But she takes good pictures too. Her pictures from the Wella and Savanh Too photoshoot are good. Especially that yellow dress she's wearing. I wish I could wear something like that =D However her latest photo of her in the red batik dress isn't as strong as the ones before. She looks like she's wandering around aimlessly. It doesn't speak to me much (literally la, I know photos can't speak). Though she's one of the good contestants, not many people are voting for her. She was supposed to be eliminated in the latest episode (ep 14) but got lucky when Sazzy announced that it wasn't elimination week. Lucky for you, Jay!

My point is : She has what it takes, vote for her lah people!
Rate : 4 out of 5 stars

And now we have, DREAM 09 - Cik Nadia

Sexyy ladyy. Another dominant model among the girls. Takes strong and loud pictures. But sometimes she's just wayy too confident. Of course everyone there wants to win, not only you. Very emotional. Easily offended. Wants things her way, or else. She has this very fierce look, but she looks better when she smiles. In the dreamhouse, she's the bold one, she's the fighter. Not someone who compromises well with others. She has potential, but her attitude is killing it I would say. Her pictures don't really catch my eyes. Yeah. That's about it about her. I think.

My point is : Potential model but unlovely characteristics.
Rate : 4 out of 5 stars

Last but not least, DREAM 11 - Miss Ringo

The tiniest girl in the show. Petite and cute looking. I would say she doesn't really takes great pictures, they're just okay only. From looking like Queen Amidala from Star Wars, to the cute tribal rockstar look, to looking like Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, she's not bad lah. I'd say her Wella picture was the most unattractive one among all. But since that, she's improved. She looks like a fairy in the couture batik she wore. Other than Hanis, she's the only contestant who has never been in the bottom three. Why? She has a huge fan base I tell you, because of her blog, so I'm pretty sure most of her readers are voting to keep her in. What to do, this is a voting competition, not a real modelling reality show anymore.

My point is : Getting better from time to time, and would definitely be in the top 3 with the amount of people voting for her.
Rate : 2.5 out of 5 stars

There you have it, my view on the final six of the Malaysian Dreamgirl.

Next round during elimination, three girls will be eliminated together.

Who I think SHOULD be in the finals:
1. Jay
2. Hanis
3. Nadia

Who I think will make it to the finals:
1. Ringo - Her fan base is just too wide.
2. Hanis - Many people like her.
3. Cindy - She seems to be getting back the viewers support.

I hope to see the judges more before the elimination, and hopefully it wouldn't be based fully on the viewer's votes, as it is pretty unfair I would say. It would be better if it was 50% votes and 50% judges decision. Don't you agree?

Last Week

Been wanting to write but too much to till I don't know where to start.

I had my long hair chopped off!! It's short now. How I miss trying to be Rapunzel with my long tresses. =(

Last Wednesday, Kikilala and I spent some quality time together.

Watched Street Kings at TGV. When he called me and asked the name of the show, I kept telling him it was street fighter and he was saying,"Don't have lahh, got Street Kings only".
Then I told him he must be blur or something, see see I myself was the blur one. Haha. Quite a nice show starring Keanu Reeves, by the producer of Matrix. Keanu Reeves kind of plump already. If you're a fan of action movies, watch it.

Then later on we had dinner at Secret Recipe. My dish was yummyyyyyyy.
Chicken cordon bleu. The taste of melted cheese on the chicken. Mmmm. We chit and chat and had lovely conversations. I heart those kind of times.And I'm so sorry that you had to go back so late ya Clare. Waiting with me outside my place because I got no keys to get in and everyone was out. Dumb dumb Daph.

I received my AmBank NexG Prepaid MasterCard from Nuffnang!
Free 100bux to use. Tralala~

I don't even have atm card yet. Sad I know. At least now I have debit card okayy. =D

I got tagged by Zheng Dhong and I didn't know about it till I read his blog. Sorry ya Dhong.
Hehe. So here goes:

1. What's your favorite anime at the present time?
I'm not really a fan of anime. The ones I've watched before would be, err, I have no idea. Haha. I read Fruit Baskets though.

2. Given the chance, what special ability/power would you like to have?
Hmm. Difficult question. I would like to have the ability/power where I can do anything or everything that I want to. Greedy me.

3. How do you think about yourself?
Procrastinator antarabangsa.

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
Out of Malaysia, especially Europe.

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
To have all my dreams come true :D

6.Do you have a crush now?
I'm currently in a relationship with my crush and loving it. (:

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
People close to my heart.

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
I would help my parents to settle of whatever I can, and take my whole family on a super duper amazing holiday and cruise.

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
Depends on the situation, but I think I would, and I already have.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Studios, tall, smart!

11. Which type of person do you hate the most?
I don't hate, but I dislike. Attention-seekers and boastful ones.

12. What is your ambition?
I really want to be involved in the media and communications industry.

13. If you have fault, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
I would rather they point it out to me, but in a constructive manner of course. If not, just zip it.

14. What do you think is the most important in your life?
My studies and loved ones.

15. Are you a shopaholic or not?
I don't think I am much of one. I'm not!

16. What is the thing that you really want now?

Money and fulfillment.

17. Why does it hurt when you punch someone?
Why are you asking me dumb questions like this one?

18. Is there anything that you have done which you regret?
Yes, but I've learned to overcome it.

19. Are you hungry right now?

20. Do you think that this survey is totally useless?

8 people I'm gonna tag :
> Clarence
> Eza
> Fiona
> Kar Men
> Aeryn Mavis
> Steven
> Kimberly
> Chee Ching

Have fun with the survey! HAHA :P

17 April 2008

Punctuation is Powerful

An English professor wrote the words :

"A woman without her man is nothing."

on the chalkboard and asked his students to punctuate it correctly.

All of the males in the class wrote :

"A woman, without her man, is nothing."

All the females in the class wrote :

"A woman: without her, man is nothing."

Indeed punctuation is very powerful.

11 April 2008

The Five Love Languages

It is a book written by Gary Chapman.
Another book by him is The Five Apology Languages.

Here are the languages of love:

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Quality Time
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Physical Touch

Everyone speaks different love languages. The way one expresses love to others differ from an individual to another. It doesn't mean that the person whom you expressed your love to feels loved. This is because you might be not speaking his/her primary love language. In order to express oneself successfully, you have to get to know what your love language is, and the other person's love language, be it your mom or dad, siblings, friends or special ones.

How do you know which is your primary love language?
You can find out by taking a short test by Gary Chapman here and also another test here. It wouldn't take long. Just try it!

Today I'll write a bit on the first love language.

Words of affirmation would mean verbal appreciation. As written in Gary Chapman's book, Mark Twain once said,"I can live for 2 months on a good compliment." Literally, six compliments a year would've kept Mark Twain's emotional 'love tank' at operational level. I'm sure you and I would probably need more than that! Haha.

Psychologist William James said that possibly the deepest human need is the need to feel appreciated. Haven't we all, at some time or another, felt that we weren't just appreciated, that we're simply being taken for granted? I don't know about you, but I'm sure I have.

Those whose primary love language is "Words of Affirmation" are especially sensitive in this area and will respond most warmly to words of affirmation and appreciation. Verbal compliments are actually powerful communicators of love. To 'affirm' something is to confirm its truth and to strengthen it. Many people have never learned or realized the tremendous power of verbally affirming – that is strengthening each other. Simple, straightforward statements such as below are all a person needs to hear to feel loved.

"You must be the best potato cook in the world. I love these potatoes."

"You look so beautiful in that dress. Wow."

We will either feel loved, or un-loved, depending on whether or how often our spouse or loved ones just say those simple ordinary words to us of affirmation. When we speak words of appreciation to our loved ones we increase their value in our eyes – and that makes them feel loved, and it also makes us feel good in that we hold someone precious close to our hearts. When you speak words of appreciation you are filling up that love-tank!

Another way is to offer encouragement. The word encourage means 'to inspire courage
'. When we speak encouraging words we are putting courage into one another.

We should also speak kind and humble words. Love is kind. If then we are to communicate verbally, we must use kind words. That has to do with the way we speak. The same sentence can have 2 different meanings depending on how you say it.

Love makes requests, not demands. The way we express those desires is all-important. If we make known our needs as request, we are giving guidance, not ultimatum.

Remember, words are very important. Tell someone whom you hold close to your heart that you love and appreciate them today, if you haven't done so. =)

10 April 2008

Masking My Face With Wine

Are you a comic fan?

I'm definitely one! But not to the extend where I'm super crazy about them.

One of my all-time favourite would be Archie Comics.

I love it loads! And I've loads of em' here at home. In the drawers, on my table, in the living room, almost everywhere. And most of the time, I would be reading it on the bed and while having my meals (yeah I know it's bad table manners, but I just can't help it =D).

Let me introduce the main characters.

L-R: Reggie Mantle, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, and Jughead Jones.

We shall start with Archie first, okie?

Archie is the main character. He is a typical red-headed teenage boy and has great interest in dating. He tends to be clumsy and accident prone. Both Betty and Veronica are always fighting over his attention.

Next would be Betty, the blonde who is the-girl-next door. She has a very pleasant personality. She's a good student, athlete, cook and auto mechanic. She's the kind one among the characters, sort of like the Cinderella type of girl. She has the hots for and only for Archie, and is best friends with Veronica.

Jughead is Archie's bet friend. He is VERY obsessed with food and eating. And is apathetic towards all females. He has a dog named Hot Dog which is pretty fat and some what lazy as him. When it comes to Jughead, it's all about the food and nothing else. Gluttony! Haha.

Now, to Veronica Lodge. This fine young lady is a rich daughter of a banker, one of the richest in Riverdale. She's a spoilt spoilt brat. The typical 'anak orang kaya' kind of personality. Most boys in Riverdale think she's the hot babe, which she herself thinks so too. Although she is best friends with Betty Cooper, they are rivals when it comes to winning Archie's affection.

Last but not least, Reggie, the most vain character in the book. He is self-obsessed, narcissistic. A conceited practical joker, he dislikes Archie and plays lots of pranks on him because it is usually Archie who gets the girls' attention. He dates Veronica, and Betty too, but rarely.

Love Archie Comics! =DDD

Other than Archie, I also enjoy much reading Dilbert. Here's a strip:

So what's your favourite comic read ? (=

07 April 2008

Watch This!

Talentime Performance (Super Mario Bros.)

Isn't it cute or what?!?
If you can't watch it here, click here.


05 April 2008

The Dreamgirl Saga Continues

Being a contestant in the Dreamgirl reality show is considered lucky.

They are so pampered with almost everything. Like the RM1000 AmBank NexG Prepaid MasterCard they each received in the beginning, Escada Moon Sparkle fragrance, make-up demo at Bertha Gallery, catwalk classes, gorgeous clothes by Bebe, Ted Baker and Reebok that they model in, and Wella Professionals agreeing to take care of the 12 girls hair for a year!

Tak rugi even if eliminated also. Haha.

So, are you catching up with the recent episodes? Are you are you?
Well if you're not, let me tell you about it.

In episode 8, after Valerie was eliminated, the girls had a white summer and lively photo shoot the next day.
The term 'lively' meant a happy cheerful smiley smiley shoot. Sounds easy eh?
They were all dressed in white. All dresses by Bebe.
The contestants were looking very pure, sweet, and demure.
White represents innocence.
And that's how they were all looking in that photo shoot.
Like angels, except without wings of course.

Wanna have a look at the pictures of the shoot?

Pretty, aren't they? They send out cheerful vibes to everyone. =D

Adeline looks so-so to me. Not too cheery not too sad.
Cindy's wide smile is lovely.
Eyna is gorgeous just like that.
Fiqa's picture with her mouth open is my favourite picture.
Hanis is so like the-girl-next-door. Really cantik.
Jay however seems kind of plain to me. Her photos are about the same.
Nadia yang garang menunjukkan soft-side nya. Haha. She looks much better when she smiles.
Last but not least, Ringo. What can I say? Cute cute cute! Cheezee smiles. Heehee.

After this, they had VO Training and Challenge at Red FM. They had to come up with a 30 second advert for the AmBank NexG Prepaid MasterCard. Congrats to Cindy who won the prize as a guest DJ on one of the shows. Well, she deserved to win. (=

In Episode 9, the girls had their hair all pampered by the Wella Professionals Hair Spa Treatment. I want too! Then after they went for a fashion shoot set visit where they were supposed to watch and learn how photo shoots are done by professional models which are represented by Andrew's Models.

I'm sure you know who got kicked out during elimination.
Yes, it's Eyna. Very predictable as she was in the bottom three for 3 weeks in a row.
But sadly, it's such a waste that such good talent don't get the voters support.
In my opinion, people did not really vote for her much as she's labelled as the quietest among the girls. Quiet in person, but loud in pictures. Now that's rare.

To Eyna,

Although you're eliminated, you are very very talented and I think it is Malaysian Dreamgirl's loss to have you leave the show. You have what it takes and you know it. All the best to you in future!

p/s: I doubt you'll ever read this, but anyway.


Anyhow, the show must go on.

So in episode 10, the remaining 7 finalist had Wella Inspiration Photoshoot.
Well, mention Wella and hair care comes to your mind. So this photo shoot is all about hair, and super long fake lashes.

Adeline - It looks like she does not have the 'energy'. She looks sleepy and moody.
Dream 01 to 33001

Cindy - The hair's nice. Very Elvis like. Her eyes seem weird though.
DREAM 03 to 33001

Fiqa - SO DANG GORGEOUS. The hair is superduperfantastica! And her eyes. Simply cantik. I think her picture is the best among all for this photo shoot.
DREAM 05 to 33001

Hanis - She looked better in the video. She looks so GRR. Haha. But still pretty indeed.
DREAM 06 to 33001

Jay - She looks like an African lady here. Her skin tone is beautiful. And she's NOT a tranny!
DREAM 07 to 33001

Nadia - It's just okay. She had better pictures taken before.
DREAM 09 to 33001

Ringo - This photo doesn't interest me at all. Sorry Ringo. Looks so old and BLAH.
DREAM 11 to 33001

Compare all the photos taken since week 1, I feel that Fiqa, Hanis, Jay and Nadia are pretty stable in this competition. They come across as quite consistent and are gradually getting better as each week passes. I'm not saying that the others are bad, but it just doesn't seem like they are improving.

All the girls together during the Wella Inspiration photo shoot.

The last 2 parts of episode 10 are AGAIN about the drama happening in the house.
Cindy's father is pretty upset with Fiqa and Hanis for saying bad things about Cindy and also with the program for uploading it to the public because they are criticizing her character and behaviour and that it is really unfair to her.

Well, this is a way of publicity for the show and for Cindy as well, in a negative way of course.

But then again, why would the other contestants simply say things about her if it didn't happen?

And what is it with Fiqa being flirtatious all of a sudden???
Seems like there are many stories that we, the public don't really know about eh.

Ahhh, the shoe issue between Fiqa and Cindy.
In this recent episode, Cindy said that it was about Reebok sneakers. BUT THEN, Fiqa on the other hand in one of the previous episodes said that it was about the heels in Nose.
Hmm. Sangat bercanggah la what they both said. So who is actually telling the truth? Or did both incidents happen? They media should dig deeper to find out the truth.
It's sort of like so typically lah. Girls fighting over a pair of shoes. HA HA HA.

I kind of pity Cindy in a way. She says she's not being herself anymore and not talking bla bla bla. Looks like she is very very very frustrated with Hanis and Fiqa. But she didn't need to talk about Hanis being 17, wearing braces and can't speak proper English lah right?!?

Like please, you don't need to get back at someone like that. It's not like you speak perfect English anyway. Sad to say, you're making yourself look childish to all the people out there watching you on the internet. Cindy is creating issues for herself, like whether is she supposed to speak Bahasa Melayu to prove she's laid back or whatever.

Cindy, you allow people to change who you say you are. Why not just stand firm and be you? Since you say that that is how you really are, why not be true to yourself? I think you're intimidated by other girls. Especially the things they say.

Cindy ate Nadia's tomatoes, Nadia got angry and cursed Cindy's mom!
OMG. Nadia said p***mak. Now that's terrible. Just for some tomatoes?

@.@ + =.="' = SUPER DUPER SWEAT!

Catch more at http://www.malaysiandreamgirl.tv/index.html and remember to vote vote vote!