28 March 2008


Busy day. Drove around town :)
Went to school, got certs and papers certified.
Bought mini murtabaks on the way home. Yummy and triangle shaped! Hee.

Had meet up and yum cha session with the girls. Kumara a.k.a gummy bear came too!
Lasted for about 3hours plus, then had to head home cs it was getting late and just us girls (gummy bear left earlier).

Had a really nice time catching up and just ranting with each other. Not forgetting the gossips too! Hahaha. Lovely girls they are. A bit weird, but extremely funny people.

Now I'm checking my scholarship applications and all. BORING.

Waiting and waiting before I can go to sleep.

By the way, it was 27th just now. Like two and a half hours ago.
(= Don't know how I should be actually feeling.
Choose to be happy, choose to be happy.
Happy 27th to you, hewhoshallnotbenamed.