21 March 2008

Still quite unwell. Tak tahan with all the vomiting and all, so went to see the doctor yesterday. And I had like, 5 packets of medicine to finish up! I super hate medicine. Urgh. Getting better bit by bit though. Been drinking loads of 100Plus and eating very little.

Anyway today I drove to JJ! Without my parents some more! WAHAHAHA :D

Nearly knocked into a car :O Not like was gonna knock from the back or what laa, but my car was so close to another car side to side. Scary wei! Bro and sis freaked out. Sorry guys! First timer ma. Haha.

Went to JJ cs felt like I had to get out of the house after so many days of becoming a 'peng mao' (it means sick cat in Cantonese) already. And some lady stole my parking lot! Argh damn geram you know! Now I truly know how drivers feel when people just drive in when you've been waiting there for some time already. Dumb lady.


Anyway, I did lots of window shopping. It's not like there's much to window shop in JJ anyway, right? But there were quite alot of people there today. Don't know why. Like they don't have to work or something. Sis bought stuff from MPH then we went to supermarket and bought foooooooood! MY FAVOURITE WORD! Hahahaha. Then walked around awhile more then decided to head home.

I cooked this lamb chop! Geng leh? XD
Nah actually I bought this marinated lamb from JJ's supermarket but I still cooked it at home! Pretty cheap I must say. About RM1.58 for 100g. Cheap right? And I was so starving so yeahh. Sis bought sushi rolls which were yummy as well for a buck each.

That's pretty much about my day. Waiting to go out with mom now.