25 March 2008

It's raining and I'm thinking.

I just came across this question while using Xanga:

"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." True or false?

And I began to think, true or false?

If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem? Is there such thing?
Does it mean that being not able to help solve the problem makes you part of the problem too?

I think I have to disagree with the statement above.
You might not be part of the solution, but it doesn't make you part of the problem because you can't find a solution. Right?
Unless you are the problem and you can't come up with a solution which makes you the problem of why the problem can't be solved and you being not part of the solution.

And one also cannot say that" You are part of the problem because you're not part of the solution" because it might not even be your problem in the first place. It can be that the current problem you're facing isn't caused by you but by your surroundings like the environment, people, objects, circumstances, etc and assume that coming up with a solution isn't an easy as ABC task. I certainly don't think it makes you part of the problem. Maybe you might not have the certain ability and skills to overcome the problem. So you can't blame and say,"Oh YOU are part of the problem."

Okay I think I'm making myself a little pening now. Haha. But yeah that's what my mind speaks. I might not be that good at expressing myself in words and writings but am trying to buck up.

What are your opinions on it? Do share. Would love to hear them. =)

4 potatoes speak:

macbee said...

I think that this statement is made in reference to the individual being in a certain situation that concerns him. It doesn't refer to every single situation in the world, even situations that doesnt regard the invidual. So if that certain invidual could not find the solution to the current problem that he is facing, or isn't the solution to the problem, he must be part of the problem. This is can be either because :

a) he could not find a solution, so that's why he is part of the problem.

b) he is part of the problem himself, that's why he could not find a solution.

you must understand that the word "part" is used in this statement, which means that the invidual is not fully held responsible for the problem but being a part of it. you get my drift? or am i crapping?

joshuaongys said...

walao eh... you not only confuse urself, u're also confusing the readers including me!! lolx u're creating a problem for us!!

thepinkbanana said...

Macbee: Yeah I get your drift. Though I don't quite agree with (a).

Joshuongys: It's just a thought only leh.

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