18 March 2008


Birthday was nice!
A little surprise from church mates and a cake baked by Clarence himself :D Not bad for a first timer! I am touched a little that he would actually BAKE me something, which is SO NOT him. No pictures though because it's all in Amelia's camera.

Been pretty busy with university applications and scholarship applications as well. So ma farn lah. Have to fill in forms and photocopy certs and write essays. Have not really decided on the courses that I want to pursue also.

And yesterday, I was vomiting and poo-ing so many times. So sanfu can! =( And my whole body was super weak that I couldn't really move. Even lying in bed was tiring. Clare said it might be indigestion, or must be the watermelon I drank at lunch.

I hate being sickly. It just sucks.