21 March 2008

The Dreamgirl

Natasha and Alison are out!

You may have no idea to what I am talking about. It's the Malaysian Dreamgirl online reality show.

After 2 weeks of living together, Natasha and Alison were eliminated as the voters had voted for their favourite contestants. Jean left the show before the elimination. Read about it here

So now there are 9 girls left in the running to becoming the next Malaysian Dreamgirl. I think it's pretty unfair to the other girls as one of the contestants have a wide fan base on the internet, or should I say readers to her popular blog which gives her the extra vote which when she might not be as deserving as the other girls? I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. Don't throw rocks at me yeah Cheeserland fans, it's just an opinion of mine. I do think that Ringo is pretty though. =)

My current favourite :

Fiqa, whom I sat beside during first open audition. She's a girl of mixed parentage, Malay and Chinese. Love her looks and the way she speaks. So angmoh-ish. Very pretty girl indeed. Her makeover is so cool. The hair rocks!! Go Fiqa! You have my support! =D

(picture taken from cheeserland.com)
Valerie, the spunky one is also another of my favourite. She's different from the rest. Her eyes are gorgeous and her smile is just so lovely. Funkedalic babe!

Other than that, the other girls don't really impress me except maybe for Jay and Enya.

And it seems that some girls aren't very happy about other girls. No names were mentioned but Alison said this,"Those girls have been very selfish, putting up little shows in front of the camera where we actually have to live with them, and it's been very very tough to ignore everything."

Jay mentioned,"Some people in this house, when you hear things coming from their mouth, in front of you they're really nice but behind your back they say things even though you felt you've never done anything wrong in fact you been doing everything right."

Wow. Seems like there are things happening in the house. Maybe they just don't show it on camera or publish it out to the audience. No fun lahh. They should show more of what's really happening in the house! Then more people would be interested to watch the show. Hahaha.