12 March 2008

Double Triple Happiness

This week is gonna be such a longgggg week.

On Monday, sat for my driving test.

And I passed! Bwahahaha. Yea yea I know laa I'm 19 already.

I can drive at last! Weeeeee. =D
I had to drive in the heavy pouring rain okay. Plus many people failed on that day.
The tester kept driving people back to the driving institution. Made me kinda nervous because I was one of the last to be tested.

And then yesterday, 11 of March 2008. STPM RESULTS OUT.

Tension giler.

And I'm pretty satisfied with my results. =))))))
I thought I was going to fail a certain subject, but I thank God that I more than passed everything.

Double joy in a week. Happinessness!

Congratulations to Clarence Choong Weng Ki! 4 FLATS in STPM!
*xoxo x 987497865387634275987342 times*
I am very, very proud of you. You're superb.

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