28 March 2008

Not So Dreamgirl Material

Episode 7 is finally out. I am wondering though why episode 6 has only 3 parts. Weird.

The girls at the Nuffnang's Pajama Party and 1st birthday bash, before Alison and Natasha were eliminated.

Anyway in this episode, the girls went for a make-up demo class at the Bertha Gallery Make-Up Academy. Usual stuff, they were thought on how to apply make-up and and remove it, bla bla bla.

I think I should attend a class like that. It would definitely be interesting. =)

Hanis won the make-up challenge, she got herself a make-up kit and a dinner date with Elaine Daly. Knew that she was to pick Fiqa as she's like her bestie in the show. Very predictable.

The drama starts to unfold! Everyone in the 'Dreamgirl' house was unhappy with Ringo for the things that she had written in her blog. She wrote that some of the 12 finalist were not as deserving as other contestants who didn't make it through the closed audition. However, she talked to the girls, explained what she did and cleared things up so things between her and the girls are better.

This episode's pretty boring I would say because most of it is about who dislikes who in the house and why do they dislike that person. Won't really put it as them bitching about one another, but I can't seem to think of a nicer term. In short, this episode is all about Cindy. They should name this episode 'Why Everyone Dislikes Cindy'.

She's definitely not one of my favourites.

Like, COME ON. It is a reality show after all. There's bound to be stuff like that. What were you expecting when you join a reality show?? Haven't you watched shows like ANTM (for those of you who are a tad slower, ANTM = America's Next Top Model) or the Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency?

Yes I'm talking to you, Cindy.

Okay lah. Maybe you didn't expect the whole bunch of girls to dislike you and not talk to you.
But there must be a reason why, right?

Let's list down 10 reasons why the girls don't like you. Here we go:

  • You seem very fake on camera and off the camera. Two different person.
  • You try to talk with an accent that makes you look like you're trying a bit too hard. Like you wanna be some American born Chinese or something.
  • Overreacting. You cry too much. WAY too much.

Cindy says to her dad,"Not everyone there was crying because they were genuinely sad. Wouldn't it be weird if I just stood there expressionless?" Watch it here (episode 7 part 3).

My response after listening to that is O.o

  • Very 'siu jie'. Means very princessy (I think) in English.
  • Annoying.
  • You must get what you want.
  • Wasteful and not thrifty. How can you throw away food just because you don't like it?!

You can fill in the rest of the blanks. That's my opinion on why people in the house dislike her. Though I might never know the real reason why she annoys the hell out of them, especially Fiqa.

You should watch the part where Fiqa tries to imitate her. Yes she tried to. Damn funny can! (episode 7 part 4 ) There's this part she went,"Yerrr Aiyerrrr Yerrr." According to her that's how Cindy always reacts. AHAHAHA :D

Okay drama aside now.
The 9 girls had their 2nd public appearance or showcase in Genting Highlands, did a fashion show to promote Malaysian Dreamgirl and their sponsors such as Bebe and Ted Baker, their official fashion label, and also Reebok.

Elimination took place like the last two weeks, just that this week, only 1 girl was to go home. Take a guess on who's in the bottom three.






It's Valerie, Eyna and Cindy.

Unfortunately, Valerie had the least votes and so she left the show. Sad huh. I think it would be better if Cindy left the show. But then again, it's a voting competition. What to do. Surprisingly Cindy didn't cry like the last elimination. Guess she took some of her dad's advice. Heh.


Sazzy mentioned that this week would be a clean slate, and the votes will start afresh!!
Lucky for those with less votes. =)

8 girls are left.

Who do you think has what it takes to beat the rest?

Who tops your favourite list and your not-so-favourite list?

Who will be the next to leave?

Who will be the next Malaysian Dreamgirl?

You decide!

Stay tuned and watch the episodes at malaysiandreamgirl.tv & remember to vote for your favourite girl!