25 February 2008

Another random day.

Another day with Sook Ching today. She IM-ed me and asked if I had any plans tonight, if not we go kaikai. So we went to JJ again. YES, I KNOW. JJ IS SO BORING. But where else can we go other than JJ and parade, right?

Anyway we went there about 6-ish, bought our tickets then went to have a snack at Chatter Kopitiam while waiting for time to pass. Then walked around aimlessly till it was 7.30 then we went to the cinema. After the tgv guy checked our tickets we went in cinema 6, and guess what, there was no one. No one at all!

Then we thought maybe we're still early so we went to the loo to freshen up etc then we went back to the cinema and there was still no one! We were such scaredy cats that we ran out and decided to sneak into another cinema room if really no one else was there. HAHAHA we're so dumb I tell you. After that we came out from cinema 5 to go back to 6. And the tgv guy was like telling us," Cinema 6 is over there." Then Sook Ching asked the guy to teman us in because we're too afraid there'll be ghost or something. See see there was another malay couple so we were like "PHEWWW". Like small girls only.

The movie turned out different that what we expected. It was pretty okay to me. Oh yeah we watched "Dan In Real Life" by the way.

This story is about a widower and father of three who also writes a parenting advice column for his local newspaper, who falls for the girlfriend of his younger brother during a family vacation. Steve Carell stars as the writer who finds his widely-known convictions put to the ultimate test.

It's a humorous and a bit touching story. Nice one. Many lame scenes as well. There was this scene where they were singing a song to mock this girl who was going to pick Danny up for a drink. The girl's name was Ruthie Pigface Draper. Got a full song for her accompanied by the piano some more. Damn funny I tell you.

Movie ended bout 9.15pm then off to Friend's Cafe behind JJ for yum cha. Both of us again only. But we had a great time together =) Gossiping and gossiping like nobody's business. Haha. That's what girls do when they're together okay! Ordered potato salad, fries and tiramisu martini. Everything was yummy, especially the tiramisu. LOVELOVELOVE the whipped cream in it. *SLURPS*

I love you Aeryn Mavis Ng Sook Ching!