29 February 2008

Run for cover.

Things aren't good at all.
Some things just make me very sad.
Some things make my self esteem so low.

Does someone have the right to say anything they want or feel like when the other supposedly did something wrong?
The words hit so hard my world's upside down.
It rained so hard yesterday I felt like even the sky knew how I felt.

I wish.

27 February 2008

What happened??

I don't know what happened to my HAPPY POST.

All the pictures except one seem to cannot load or something. And I can't seem to "repair" it.

And this makes me unhappy =(

26 February 2008


Happy - Happy Moments

VOTE ME! And I'll be very happy (:

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when the word 'happy' is being mentioned to you?

A smile?







Loved ones?

The word 'HAPPY' brings meanings such as pleased, contented, cheerful, cheery, merry, light-hearted, carefree, elated, euphoric, delighted, in seventh heaven, etc.

What does being happy mean to you? What makes you happy?

Well for me, happy is having a joyous feeling when I'm able to do something that I enjoy doing, when I achieve something that I'm proud of, just being around with people who are significant to me and just having good times.

What makes me happy?

1. My family makes me happy. Being around them and with them is a very wonderful thing that even words are not sufficient to express how i feel. They are the people who are always by me without fail, whether I am happy or sad, angry or moody, or however I be. I am always reminded that family comes first no matter what. And so therefore I can't possibly be happy without my family.

2. Being able to love and be loved. Experiencing love is a privilege. Love makes the world go around. Does it really? At least I know it makes MY world go round =) I may have everything in the world, but if I don't have love, it is of no use at all. Without love, I am a lifeless person, I am nothing. Love is not a feeling, it is an ability.

3. My friends and loved ones. Friends play a very important part of my life. I have many friends, but not as many close friends. After schooling life, most of us have gone our each separate ways. I miss the moments where I spent happy times with them, both in and out of school. No matter where we are or what happens, our friendship will last forever.

4. Simple pleasures like hugs and kisses, words of affirmation, knowing that you're important to certain people that are important to you, counting my blessings instead of misfortunes and what I don't have The beautiful blue skies and rainbows and ice-cream make me happy. I love ice-cream! The many flavours of ice-cream and the sweet sweet taste I just cannot resist. Whenever I am unhappy, which is when I'm more to sad, soft food like ice-cream calms me down and cheers me up a little. The sweetness of the dairy product takes away some of bitterness and sadness that I am feeling at that particular moment.

5. Laughing totally makes me happy!!! I love to laugh and I often giggle and can sometimes burst out laughing for the weirdest reasons, or maybe for no apparent reason at all. I like being around people who are funny and can make me laugh. I'd be feeling all tickled and giggly and it really really makes me feel happy! Besides that, laughing allows me to show off my cute and unique dimples on my cheeks! HAHAHA.

6. Winning this contest would definitely make me HAPPY! And I mean really happy. Whether it is first, second or third prize, the money could really come in handy. It's not that I'm money minded or anything, but we do need for survival in this material world, no? Aside from love, money makes the world go around too. But in the wrong way, maybe.

7. It doesn't cost much to be happy. It might not need to cost anything at all to be happy. I am happy because I don't have to start searching so far for happiness because it's just right next to me! Simple things make me happy. Making others happy makes me happy :)

Ruthy Pigface Drape

Here's the video of the song in the movie I mentioned in the post below.
Enjoy :)

25 February 2008

Another random day.

Another day with Sook Ching today. She IM-ed me and asked if I had any plans tonight, if not we go kaikai. So we went to JJ again. YES, I KNOW. JJ IS SO BORING. But where else can we go other than JJ and parade, right?

Anyway we went there about 6-ish, bought our tickets then went to have a snack at Chatter Kopitiam while waiting for time to pass. Then walked around aimlessly till it was 7.30 then we went to the cinema. After the tgv guy checked our tickets we went in cinema 6, and guess what, there was no one. No one at all!

Then we thought maybe we're still early so we went to the loo to freshen up etc then we went back to the cinema and there was still no one! We were such scaredy cats that we ran out and decided to sneak into another cinema room if really no one else was there. HAHAHA we're so dumb I tell you. After that we came out from cinema 5 to go back to 6. And the tgv guy was like telling us," Cinema 6 is over there." Then Sook Ching asked the guy to teman us in because we're too afraid there'll be ghost or something. See see there was another malay couple so we were like "PHEWWW". Like small girls only.

The movie turned out different that what we expected. It was pretty okay to me. Oh yeah we watched "Dan In Real Life" by the way.

This story is about a widower and father of three who also writes a parenting advice column for his local newspaper, who falls for the girlfriend of his younger brother during a family vacation. Steve Carell stars as the writer who finds his widely-known convictions put to the ultimate test.

It's a humorous and a bit touching story. Nice one. Many lame scenes as well. There was this scene where they were singing a song to mock this girl who was going to pick Danny up for a drink. The girl's name was Ruthie Pigface Draper. Got a full song for her accompanied by the piano some more. Damn funny I tell you.

Movie ended bout 9.15pm then off to Friend's Cafe behind JJ for yum cha. Both of us again only. But we had a great time together =) Gossiping and gossiping like nobody's business. Haha. That's what girls do when they're together okay! Ordered potato salad, fries and tiramisu martini. Everything was yummy, especially the tiramisu. LOVELOVELOVE the whipped cream in it. *SLURPS*

I love you Aeryn Mavis Ng Sook Ching!

I need to revamp my blog!
And I suck at all these kinda things.
Currently looking for blog skins and widgets.
Help, anyone?

23 February 2008

It is now 5 in the morning.
And Sook Ching is not sleepy yet.
I'm gonna become a panda already @.@

Am at Sook Ching's place now. Crashing at her's for a night. It has been super long since I've been to her house. Spent the whole day with her today.

We went for a manicure at a nail spa behind JJ and it's my first time doing an actual manicure. Felt it was about time I pamper my unpampered nails of 18 years. Haha. It took about 40 minutes I guess. Sitting there and looking at the lady do her stuff. I chose red colour for my nails and Sook Ching chose yellow. My red didn't turn out as I expected it to be. Was wanting the chili red hot kind of colour.

Sook Ching's manicured nails :

My nails:

Sook Ching's nails damn nice hor! Mine like aunty only. But I still love 'em. Hehe. Next time gotta make sure I choose a more striking colour like electro blue or yellow.

After that we headed to JJ to eat our lunch at about 4-ish I think. At Food&Tea we both ordered the same dish, cheese baked spaghetti with chicken, which totally SUCKED. Looked like shit or something. So bad larh but that's what Sook Ching said. Hahaha. So we tried to eat as much as we could as mommy would always tell us not to waste our food. Eat until we wanted to vomit. BLERGH. Imagine how much it sucked. This was how it looked like :

Look abit like wat tan hor no? It doesn't look THAT bad through the picture. Never gonna order this again! Don't order this when you go there to eat. Don't.

After lunch/tea-time we just walked and walked and walked around. Not like there's much to see or what but nothing else to do. Then we decided to catch a movie. Bought tickets for the 7.30pm show. Went back to Sook Ching's place to get her sweater then went back to JJ for the movie.

This was the show we watched :

I think it's a pretty interesting movie but we had to watched the beginning of the show for about say four to five times? Each time it was repeated but from a different point of view by different characters in the movie. This movie is about eight strangers with eight different points of view trying to unlock the one truth behind an assassination attempt on the president of the United States. I'd give it a 3 thumbs up out of 5. Hehehe. As if like I'm some movie critic or something. But that's my point of view on this movie.

Guess I'm running out of things to write about. Becoming a pretty boring person already.

Anyway, gotta go. Goodniteeeeeeeeeee.

22 February 2008

I realised that I've not been blogging much. Absent from blogging for almost a month! Terrible terrible me. Starting today, I promise to update/blog as often as possible. HEEE =D hopefully I won't break my promise.

It has been about 2 months after exams ended, everyone is working whereas here am I, the lazy pig wasting time and lepaking at home doing nothing much except for onlining and playing gameboy. I'm such a useless person =\

Going for manicure with Sook Ching later! tralala~

Okay I don't know what else to write. Haha I'm so terrible. Byeeeeeeee

21 February 2008

I even turned down ice-cream with my family which leaves me here all by myself at home.

This emo-ness is killing me.