04 January 2008


today, is a boring boring day. it's not like any of my days have been interesting recently anyway. but today, it feels exceptionally boring. i've been watching movies and tv shows online to cure the boredom. some of the titles that i've watched are :
-The O.C. (full season 1)
-American Pie Beta House
-Bring it On
-Bring It On Again
-Evan Almighty (on dvd together with Clarence yesterday)

i have all the time in the world for now, and i'm not doing anything interesting. what a waste. i have something important to do though, that is to study the Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu and then sit for the computer test as soon as possible. malas larr. was supposed to get my liscense last year, but look what procrastination did to me. HEEE.

i'm also currently looking for a job. want to earn some extra pocket money before i've a to start studies again. applied to work at TGV Kinta City and i got a call just yesterday or day before to go for the interview this saturday. not really feeling the 'umph' to work there, especially that it is in JJ. just dislike it. so i'm hoping to get a better job. guys please help me out by informing me if there are better jobs around yah! especially if the pay is good and working hours are not too burdening.

i better go find something more productive to do now. or maybe more movies to watch.