11 January 2008

There's Hope Beyond The Pain.

I stayed up all night. Thinking of how important I am to you, compared to your game.
I thought so much, trying to convince myself you that your game is nothing. But I guess you proved me wrong. I realized it meant much more to you than I am.

There are many things that I want you to know. A lot.
I wait for the time when you'd really want to talk to me, where I can sincerely tell you about everything that I've been wanting to. And I continue to wait. And wait. And wait.

We have been trying real hard to tolerate each other and to communicate with one another. Somehow, somewhere, things don't seem to turn out right.

Honestly speaking, you and I both know that it has been like hell for the past few months for us. There were so many sad and hurtful times that we both had to go through. I made my mistakes and you made yours. We had uncountable fights and make-ups. Break-up to make-up. That we went through as well.

I want all those to end. I want a new beginning with you. But it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Teach me, what should I do? It isn't simple to change my old ways and habits, but believe me, I am trying with all I can.

I love talking to you, so that I can know how you feel about different things. At times I do not talk much, but listening to you is enough. It really is a pleasure to.

I hope that you would want to know what's on my mind, what's in my heart. I know you want to. But at most times, it just doesn't seem so. You take me out on dates, and i enjoy them. But what I enjoy most is when we both just sit and talk our hearts out about anything and everything over a wonderful dinner, or even just a cup of juice(we both aren't into coffee).

I just want someone. Who understands me in and out. How I feel, that person knows. I can talk to my close friends about anything, but it way better when it is with someone that you love and loves you, right?

I just want to be understood by you. It's not easy to be me. I'm not perfect. Mistakes are made along the way. I'm not asking for anything. Not anymore.