03 January 2008

School fees and memories.

i went back to my primary school today, SK Marian Convent Ipoh.
well, not to visit or anything, but i had to accompany daddy to pay Delwyn's school fees. she's my youngest sister btw.

so yeah, as i stepped into the place where i once studied, and play and grew up at before, i feel like i was 9 years old. lol. weirdness. but it was a nice kind of feeling i felt. the school hasn't really change drastically even though it has been 7 years since i left after standard 6 to Main Convent.

i miss those times when i was a young little kiddo, with nothing much to worry about. always enjoyed going to school to see my friends and we'd play together at the playground, either on the swings, or climbing the monkey bars. we were young and so free.

i realise that time passes so damn fast, without stopping to wait for anyone.
i was 12, and in a blink of eye, i will be turning 19 this 2008. and soon, i'm gonna be like, in my thirties?!? oh my. anyway, back to my old primary school. i really cherish the moments i had while i studied there. the friends i made, the fun times rushing to grab food in the school canteen, playing lompat-lompat and pepsi-cola at the galeri kepayang. oh so nice =)

missing those times heaps.
here are some pictures of the school i took today :

and those were the good ol' days.

3 potatoes speak:

macbee said...

welcome to blogspot. told u dis is beta. donwana believe me. anyway, we can stil play lompat lompat n pepsi cola if u want. just me n you. haha. and yea, you're getting damn old d. haha. aunty.

thepinkbanana said...

i say xanga and blogspot are equally good. haha will you really play if i ask you to? bleh. if i'm old then what are you? plus, you're turning 20 this year! OMG. hahahaha =P

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