10 January 2008

I Want This, But I Need That.

There are so many things that i want in life. But i don't know if the things that i want are the things that i need in life. Wanting and needing brings two different meaning altogether. Something that you want is something that you personally desire, while something that you need is something that's essential for you to have in order for you to continue living and surviving in today's world. So, can you differentiate the things that you want and the things that you need?

- unlimited supply of money
- to graduate from a respectable university
- to have a well-paid and secure job
- a mansion of my own in a few different countries
- all the pretty clothes that i can get in the world
- a BMW, preferably a 3 or 5 series
- (too many more to list, it will never end)

- God
- my family
- circle of close friends a.k.a my extended family, that are true and always there by my side
- lots of love from the one i love
- enough money to get through each day of my life
- a job that pays off everything that i need to pay off
- to be more intellectual
- air, water and food

The things that we want might not be the things that we actually need in life. I myself do get confused at times between which is more important. It's obvious the more important one is the things we need, you'd say. But sometimes, i tend to think more of the stuff that i want rather than the stuff that i need, because i put my desires before my needs. Because i want to fulfill my desires which aren't as significant.

Ok, i don't know what the crap i just crapped out here. But this is what i thought about all of a sudden. So i just want to share it out.

Remember, the things that you need in life are always more important than the things that you want. Things you need are the ones that will ensure your survival in this world.