15 January 2008

I Need A Job Desperately!

Currently feeling so jealous at everyone who's working right now. At least they have something to do and earn money while working. I feel uber useless right now. Sitting at home, relaxing, watching tv and onlining most of the time, JOBLESS and without cash. Damn.

Chinese New Year is coming soon and I so want to get new clothes! And mother said I need to earn some money and get them myself. So unfair =(

Maybe i should work with Clarence and learn about all those invesment stuff. His pay is alot too!
If you're reading this Clare, I think you should hire me. Teach me on how to earn some big bucks.

Anyway I'll be sitting for the driver's liscense computer test tomorrow and on Thursday I'll be going for a job interview. Hopefully the job wouldn't be too stressful and the pay not too little. If I don't get the job, I guess you really gotta take me as your employee, Clarence. Okay?

Mood still not good. Thinking too much about wanting to work and money money money.
If only I am filthy rich...