08 January 2008

Get it a little stiff.

currently watching Hairspray. it's a really nice movie! i love the whole setting of the movie and everything else. the dresses, the songs, the 60's era and their big bee-hive hairdo, the dancing and all, so super! so vintage. i like :) they look like real life dolls, especially those with blonde hair.

and they dance really good. not modern dancing or anything, but CHA-CHA!
1, 2, cha-cha-cha. 3, 4, cha-cha-cha.
haha so cute i tell you!

though i can't imagine having to watch television in black and white. it'll be like, so dull. all those pretty colours or their dresses and shoes and etc are actually very bold, attractive and it certainly brightens me up!

i just finished watching the whole movie. and it is SUPERB i tell you! awesome movie with awesome songs and awesome dancing! i love it!! tralalalala
*twist twist twist twist mashed potato mambo* :DDD

i give this movie 2 thumbs up, especially for those who like musicals.
if you haven't watch it, i personally think you should. lots of butt-shaking dance moves too! haha. i am definitely going to enroll myself for dancing classes and ask mommy to make me dresses like the ones on hairspray. WHEEEE =)