16 January 2008

Accompanied Mun Yee to shop for new year clothes yesterday. We were practically boutique-hopping at the Bercham area. She bought about 5 to 6 dresses, while i bought nothing. Yes, nothing. What to do. So broke.

After teman-ing her to shop, I went over to JJ to see Malessa. Walked around, chit-chatted, gossiped, went to pasarmalam and then headed home. I bought nail polish from The Face Shop. The color I bought is deep blue pearl. Lovin it much as I see them on my fingernails right now =)

Took my undang-undang computer test today and i passed, obviously. Haha. Ok i sound cocky. But it was easy. I don't know why some people actually need 45 minutes to finish it. I took 9mins and 45 seconds only *bangga* People were like staring at me though when i came out of the room. Bet they were thinking,"this girl do so fast, sure fail d one." Lmao. But the stoopidest thing was that I had to wait about an hour or more just to sit for the bloody test. Dumb man.

Check this out. Question with funny answer choice provided.

Question 321 - answer : C) TERJUN DARIPADA MOTOSIKAL

Like what the crap is that?? Hahahahaha. If someone really chose that answer the fella must be like, retard or something. But why would they even wanna put such answer there in the first place? Weird people who came up with weird and dumb choices of answers.

Clarence is leaving for Sabah tonight and returning on Friday night. I'll be stuck here dengan boringness. sighhhhhhhhhhhhh =\