30 December 2008


I'm sorta reflecting on the year 2008 that is about to pass. So much has occurred and take place. So many changes in life that made me grow in a way or another. So many ups & downs and many lessons learnt. New friends found, old friends not lost (hopefully). And sometimes life surprises you in ways you've never imagined. Well, that is life. Another year has passed, another one coming right up.

To all of you, Have a Happy and Wonderful New Year. May the years ahead be better as it passes. Glad to have each and everyone of you around, be it physically near or far. =)

And I can't wait for:

- New year (2009)

- Classes to start. Will be taking some interesting courses this sem.

- International Youth Rally (3 January 09)

- YOUTH'09 (9 to 11 January 09)

28 December 2008

I am..

........ back in Ipoh. HAHAHA :D

27 December 2008

I'm a fat house cat.

Packing my remaining stuff for uni. Am leaving tomorrow.
Just came home from having steamboat with the youths and shopping at Giant with family.

And damn my whole right arm and leg hurts like OUCH.
Must've been the badminton game 2 days ago.
Don't know how to play then berlagak pandai and then use the wrong technique. But it was so fun. =)

And now I'm here online to register my remaining courses that I left out and forgot but the stupid portal isn't working. Guess I'll have to stay in uni and finish up all the registration, and hopefully be back before new year's. I want to spend new year's here in Ipoh.

Oh my sweet lil' Ipoh~

Anyhoos, I'm real tired so I'm off to bed.
Need sufficient sleep, will be driving back tomorrow.
Goodbye blog, for now.


p/s: I weighed myself just now at Giant with this machine thingy, and OMG I put on weight. So sad right now. *Daphne talks herself into dieting dieting dieting*

24 December 2008

My Christmas Wishlist

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

MacBook Air

Sony PSP

A pretty charm bracelet

Sony DSLR Camera

A BIGBIG teddy bear!

More importantly,

  • My family
  • Loved ones and friends
  • My walk with Him
  • Studies
  • Myself (Yes I love myself more than you could imagine.)
  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Love
  • And much much more that it might bore you if you read it.

p/s: I'm posting it up because it's only a day left till Christmas. Yay it's the time of the year again! =) Won't mind getting any of my wishlist wishes as a gift (especially the material ones :D haha)
Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

*'tis the season to be jolly falalalala la la la la~*

22 December 2008

She never slows down

I actually want to update about camp, but can't seem to find the time to. Am really busy these few days. Going for carolling and trying to finish up the powerpoint for prom night by Monday (which is today). And I gotta start packing my stuff. Leaving back to uni this coming Sunday. Arghh so many things to do! I'm just gonna list everything down again. Lazy to type long long. Here goes.

a) My left eye was infected with conjunctivitis. Yes. I got to know it right before leaving for camp.

b) And because of that, I made everyone wait for me because I was so friggin' late. So guilty can.

c) Clarence and I fought because of that as well.

d) Camp was alright. Enjoyed the hiking and river-crossing most.

e) Got leech bites. (NO, NOT BY LEECH KING OK. p/s: inside joke. only certain people will understand).

f) Broke a nail during hiking, ended up cutting all my long nails that I kept since before hols.

g) Someone in camp took my Rubik's cube without permission and broke it. One blue colour square is missing and the red one is coming off. It wasn't even a week old yet. =\ My poor cute cube.

h) Have been trying to upload photos from my camerara but the bloody card reader isn't working. Damn you card reader.

i) I'm super broke. Spending too much $$$ lately.

j) I have nothing to wear for prom night! Oh nooo!

k) I bought a pair of cute little croc-like sandals. So cute lor! If buy the ori one can go jump sea already. Not worth it.

l) I want to spend my remaining one week of hols with people that I love.

m) Eliza's leaving for NS on the same day I'm leaving back to KL. I'm gonna miss you. =((

n) I want to come back for the International Youth Rally!!!

o) Okay I think I'm getting sleepy already.

p) So I shall go sleep now.

q) Goodnight, world!

r) Lots of love

s) from yours truly,

t) DaphieePinkBanana

u) *XOXO*

10 December 2008

Help, she's half blind!

Damn my eyes hurt like hell! Freakin' itchy and so bloody painful it feels like I'm going blind. OUCH. Seriously damn 'sun fu'. It has been going on for a few days already. I think my eyes have infection or something. Don't wanna go blind. =(

Ohh my pretty pretty eyes.
Let me perasan a bit okay.
Very kesian one if you're in my state right now.

Anyway, it's my baby sister's birthday today!


She's turning eight today.
I got her a Mr. Bean teddy. She loves to watch Mr. Bean cartoons lots. Sadly I won't be able to celebrate her birthday with her this year.

Because.. I'm going for youth camp! Yippee yay! =]
Sorry sis, will take you to the fun fair when I get back, promise. (As if she'll ever read this)

Am pretty excited for camp. Will be away from tomorrow till Sunday. Halfway packing my bags right now. 5 days leh, lots of clothes to bring. Trying to travel as light as possible.

Andandand, I bought myself something today. Guess what it is.

Rubik's cube!

Trying to solve it and it's so hard. I'm a newbie, that's why.
But it's like really hard lor. Friends say there are formulas and all, must go learn em' up first.
So this little cute cube is my new hobby and addiction. Heheheh.
Gonna practice till very 'geng' then show you guys on video next time. Wahaha.

Anyway I'm going off right now, wanna pack other stuff like toiletries and camera and chargers etc. Yes my camera! I just reminded myself, luckily. Mind you, I'm getting kind of forgetful these days. I think it's a disease I got infected by Clarence. Being around him too much these days. HAHAHAH :P

See you guys when I'm back! Tata dearies~

08 December 2008


  1. Preparing a powerpoint slideshow for Prom Night.
  2. I had a lousy, pathetic day.
  3. Ate only one meal today. No dinner, nothing else.
  4. Sorry Kian Aun for all the last minute decisions to go to camp and all. Really really sorry.
  5. I started a bible reading plan so that I'll be able to read the whole bible in a year's time.
  6. It's gonna be Christmas soon! Yay. I love Christmas. =)
  7. Still need to go Christmas shopping. Lots of stuff to buy.
  8. Going back to uni on the 27th or 28th. SIGH. Holidays are never long enough, are they?
  9. Have you ever wondered how it feels, being left outside alone, when it's cold out here?
  10. It seems that some things can only be told through time. Still waiting for time to tell me. I can't wait forever though. Dear time, please don't take too long.
  11. I get a lot of joy from loving. (:
  12. And pain too. It teaches me many things, and therefore I'm glad about it.
  13. Went to Pikom PC Fair yesterday, squeezed through the crowd smelling B.O. everywhere to get my headphones.
  14. Feeling unhappy at the moment.
  15. Missing you, you, you and you. Practically everyone.
  16. Loving someone.
  17. Trying to understand certain things about life and love.
  18. I want to talk to someone.
  19. Listening to Wishes by Super Chick.
  20. I'm no super girl.
  21. I'm just a little girl inside. That's my secret.
  22. Stand through the pain, you won't drown.
  23. I wonder if there is anyone out there in the world who is just like me.
  24. My mind wanders too much. Way too much.
  25. I shall stop here. For now.

03 December 2008

I’m essentially a selfish creature. I crave your company too much to do what I should.

Had a dinner-movie date last night with Charmander. =)
Before that, spent the day karaoke-ing with Eza and Zana darling at Ebox. Super enjoyed the singing and shouting and screaming sessions. HAHAHAH.

Dinner at La Manila kinda sucked. Went there because I thought the food would be good, as it was recommended in The Star newspaper before. Didn't turn out as I expected it to be.
We watched Twilight at 8.15pm.

And OMGOMGOMG, Robert Pattinson's so effin' gorgeous!
He looked so handsome, yet evil at the same time. And damn 'ying' lor! I kept sighing and giggling in the cinema everytime he says something, especially the part where Edward tells Bella," I don't have the strength to stay away from you." I was like *AWWWWWWWW* & I literally melted in my seat.

And did I mention that Robert Pattinson looks sooo like Ed Westwick who plays the character Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl? The way they carry their roles and the characteristic of the roles they play are somewhat alike in certain ways. And they're both HOT. =))))

I'm so gonna go get Twilight the book and the dvd!!

18 November 2008

Super Long Picture Post

Due to my super long absence from the blogsphere, today I am in the mood to share with you pictures of what has happened throughout my first semester of university life. So bear with me, as this post would be a long picture post, okay?
And no, I did not convert to another religion! Don't worry! :D
Read along and you will understand why was I dressed as such in the photo above.

I shall start with my first performance in UPM, which was about 2 or 3 weeks after orientation, if I am not mistaken. I think I have mentioned about it before in one of my previous posts. It is Malam Tunas Budaya, or Cultural Appreciation Night, if we put it in English. So, my college, Kolej Kelima (K5) collaberated with Kolej Pendeta Za'ba (KPZ) to produce a play for the competition. I was involved as one of the dancers who danced the traditional Chinese "fan dance".

Daphne, Jun, Huey Lin.

Us & Kak Yaya, the UPM dancer.

Chilling out during practice.

Daphne & Epul the director.

Next we move on to PEGAGE '08, one of our college's events in getting junior and senior students to know each other better. For this event, we had different 'kampungs', and mine was Gurun. My roommate and I were both chosen to be the "Arabian" models. Hence, the picture of me wearing a scarf on my head! I also performed a Malay traditional dance called Tarian Zapin for the closing ceremony for the event. Here are some of the pictures:

Jun, the mummy & me.

Jun before our Zapin perofrmance.

Me in a tudung. Okay, keep your comments to yourself! :P

I somehow look like a hot arabian, don't I? Haha.

Alright, enough with pictures of me in scarfs. Lucky for us Communication students, UPM annually organizes 'A Night With The Media' to appreciate the media for covering news and stories on UPM and it's students. Fortunately, me and a few others (including my roommate who is not a communications' student) were able to help out in the organizing committee a little bit and gained an insight on how it is to run an event. For that event itself, I bought myself a kimono. A red kimono. My first pair! I am not going to tell you how much I bought it for, instead, I want you guys to guess! Anyone who guesses correctly, I'll reward you with something! =D Hehe.

The event was held at a 5-star hotel, Le Meridien, beside Hilton KL.

It was a nice experience for me. =) Last one would be FESKO '08. FESKO stands for Festival Koir Inter-Kolej. Don't have much pictures for this one, only have a few. Got to bring down my camera next sem already. I want a new camera.. DSLR would be nice. Anyone thinking of getting me a wonderful Christmas gift? Heheheh ;) Here goes the last few photos!

Lastly, Fifth College!

Yeah, finally, I'm done with the pictures. Phew. This is the consequence of not updating your blog regularly. I have things that I want to share my views and opinions on, but it can wait for another day.

So there you have it, the so called "summary" of what happened in my first semester. Both boring and interesting in it's own way. But being in uni indeed has taught me lots of lessons and things about life.

I hope university life would be a blast like some say it would. No, I won't just hope, I'll make sure mine rocks! :]

31 October 2008

Bounce With Me

I'm back!
Back from uni and back to blogging! Weee.
Okay okay I know I suck for not updating. Forgive me aight?
Exam are about to end for me, last paper is next Thursday.

Drove back to Ipoh this morning, reached about 3am. My first time driving on the highway! Daddy wanted me to drive when I thought I would be sleeping in the backseat. One thing about driving on the highway late at night is, you get to SPEEEED! Now that was the best part. 140km/hour ok. Shiokness.
Velocity. I likeee. =D

Can't wait for bbq tonight at Kian Aun's place. It has been soooooooo long since my last bbq. Definitely gonna burn marshellows and dip em' with choc and stuff it into my mouth. Haha. Am a lil' unwell though. Having terrible flu, sneezing non-stop and my nose hurts from all the blowing with the tissues. Ouchies. =\

Have loads of pictures to upload (Yes Steven, they're on the way. For real this time. Hehe) and stories to tell. Gonna get more rest now and prepare for tonight's barbeque!

See ya! *mwuacks*

13 October 2008

The Winner Takes It All.

I don't wanna talk
About things we've gone through
Though it's hurting me
Now it's history
I've played all my cards
And that's what you've done too
Nothing more to say
No more ace to play

The winner takes it all
The loser standing small
Beside the victory
That's her destiny

I was in your arms
Thinking I belonged there
I figured it made sense
Building me a fence
Building me a home
Thinking I'd be strong there
But I was a fool
Playing by the rules

The gods may throw a dice
Their minds as cold as ice
And someone way down here
Loses someone dear

The winner takes it all
The loser has to fall
It's simple and it's plain
Why should I complain?

But tell me does she kiss
Like I used to kiss you?
Does it feel the same
When she calls your name?
Somewhere deep inside
You must know I miss you
But what can I say?
Rules must be obeyed

The judges will decide
The likes of me abide
Spectators of the show
Always staying low
The game is on again
A lover or a friend
A big thing or a small
The winner takes it all

I don't wanna talk
'Cause it makes me feel sad
And I understand
You've come to shake my hand
I apologize
If it makes you feel bad
Seeing me so tense
No self-confidence
But you see

The winner takes it all
The winner takes it all

The game is on agein
A lover or a friend
A big thing or a small
The winner takes it all
The winner takes it all

30 September 2008

( -.- )

I am fat !

Since I came back for the raya holidays, everyone that I meet or bump into tells me that I'm fat or plump or meaty or round or whatever words with the similar meaning.
SOBS. Time to diet already! I miss my old shape. =\
But some of my friends said,"Fat = Happy and contented".
You think so?

Anyway, off to read my storybook now.

11 September 2008

Attention boys and girls, young and old.
Okay everyone, the accident that I had was actually...

A bumper car crash.

Yeap. I'm not joking. My cousins crashed me from the front and side at the same time, and *POWWW*, my face hits the wheel and there went my nose. This is to justify that I am NOT a lousy driver. Haha. It really wasn't my fault! Poor Daph that has to suffer all the pain and agony :\

Thanks for all those who were concerned, who called and texted me after I got injured. =)

Jenny & I with oh-so-glam shades. =D

Back to my assignments, ta!

08 September 2008

I nearly broke my nose.

Busybusybusy week ahead. Can't wait for the raya hols!
Short update on what has been happening in my life:

*Attended gramp's 80th birthday celebration and 55th wedding anniversary.

*Cousins just went back to the U.K. Miss them already. *sobs*

*I got into a car accident, bled like mad and nearly broke my nose.

*My nose is hurting and there's a blood clog inside.

*I have 5 assignments due in two weeks time.

*I am spending too much money, buying too much.

*Eating wayyy too much.

*My face is beginning to look more like a ball now. A very round ball.

*I miss Ipoh. I wanna go home. =(

*Thinking a little too much these few days. So much to think about. Urgh.

*Trying my best to be a good student. Life in uni is fun but ohmygoodnessitsdamndamnbusyitellyou.

*I'm actually in a lecture right now.

*Wi-fi in college is being a biatch and because of that I can't do my assignments.

*So many things to pen down and I don't have enough time.

That's roughly what is going on in my oh-so-complicated life right now. Anyway going off right now, don't want the lecturer to start staring or anything. Here's a picture of me for you guys so that you'll miss me more. Hahaha :D

12 August 2008

Still On My Mind

So much to do, so much to think about,
Classes in the morning, various practices and activities at night,
But somehow, you managed to squeeze into my mind,
And I start to reminisce,
The times when you were always there for me,
The way you used to talk to me and tell me almost everything,
The way you held my hands, your hugs and kisses,
The way you used to nag at me when I rub my eyes,
Or how you tell me how much you love me.
I miss everything about you.
Your lovely eyes, your beautiful smile.
You always believed in me,
You created something different in me.

Why can't all these just go away?
Teach me how you do it,
So that I would have to suffer no more,
It feels like years since that day,
But it actually has only been awhile.

I really miss you.

People always say,
"Don't cry because it is gone, but smile because it happened."
Wow, that's hard. Not impossible, but hard.

I always wonder,
How you're doing,
Are you happy now,
Have you met someone else better,
And many other thoughts that bothers my mind, which I really dislike.

I wish the best for you,
In everything you do and go through,
Someday, I hope we can be like before,
way better than before.
Someday, maybe. Maybe not.
But no matter what,
I wish you love.

Don't give up, you are still loved.

06 August 2008

Tomorrow & Tomorrow

It has already been a month since life in university began.
And it has been almost three months since we've been apart.
Indeed time flies.

Anyway folks, I know I said that I would try to update every few days but am really really busy recently. Lots of activities to attend and assignments to finish up. Don't even have enough beauty sleep
T__T huhuhuhu

Missing everyone back home in Ipoh.
I will be coming home end of this month!
Till then, take care, taataa~

11 July 2008

Wireless + Astro + Air-cond + Happy food a.k.a chocolate + Cute hunks + Crazy friends = Happy Happy Daphne


09 July 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Greetings to all!

Daphne is still alive and standing strong after a week of waking up at at 4-ish in the morning and sleeping late at night. Yay to that ! Hehe. Well, classes started on Monday and everything's going well at the moment. Most of my classes are only for about 2 to 3 hours a day and after that, I'm free! Haha. And my classes for the week ends on Thursday noon, which means... I can return to Ipoh on Thursday nights itself. Weehee.

Now, about my fraternity college. It's one the most prestigious colleges in UPM, so I've heard. But the people there are great. I reckon my seniors here aren't like others. They're really caring and all. My room's not too bad either, but a little touch of paint would make it look brand new. And my roomie, Jun, rocks! She's pretty well-versed in English and Mandarin, so I'm lucky. She's my new translator. Am picking up on Mandarin pretty fast though. =D *bangga*

Next on is the campus and the food. UPM is really, really HUGE. Gotta take the campus bus to almost everywhere I want to go. And as many would know, the ratio of males to females in universities are 1:3. So there aren't many guys around, more babes. But there definitely are hunks around. Pretty boys, macho guys, you name it :D

Met many new and wonderful friends. About the food, I can't say that it is totally terrible, but I think that they're all almost the same in every stall. Not much of a choice. All more to the spicy/curry dishes. Other than that, nothing much I guess. One more thing, we even have Astro here in our college. Cool, huh? Now I can get to watch CSI and Friends and all my other tv series that I've been waiting to watch. Hehe yippee!

Was planning to go back to Ipoh this weekend, but looks like my plan's off as there are programs on like Graduating School for freshies and Malam Tunas Budaya, a.k.a cultural appreciation night, which I am involved in. I'll be dancing, representing Fifth College and a sister college, Pendeta Za'ba College. Go team! I know we can do this!

Anyway, I gotta go now. Will try to update you guys every couple of days. Maklumlah, sudah menjadi seorang mahasiswa. WAHAHAHA XD

Till then, take care.

Lots of love,

06 July 2008

Will be updating real soon.
=) for all of you : *HUGS & KISSES & MISSES*

29 June 2008

Bye Bye

Leaving in 5 hours. Hatiku terasa teramat berat.

Anyway, so many things to say here, will try to update ASAP.
Will be living without the internet for about a week for now.
So text me if there's anything, okie?
Take care everyone. I will miss you all dearly.
Daphne loves you.

25 June 2008

Meanwhile these three remain: faith, hope, and love; and the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13

Love is not just a feeling, it is an ability.

Love is a thought - a decision to believe, a leap of faith.

Love is a verb - to truly believe is to act on your faith.

Love is a circle - of feelings-ability-beliefs-actions. A spiral staircase, building upon itself, but a staircase that can crumble with doubt, miscommunication and actions.

21 June 2008

Whatever It Takes.

Alrighty, I know I haven't been updating much.
Had been really busy these few days, that's why.

As some of you know, I'll be furthering my studies in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), studying mass communication. Did not get into USM for I don't know what particular reason, but I'm happy actually. Wanted to appeal and all, but then I gave it a thought, and yeah, maybe this is where God wants me to go. At least I got the course of my choice.

So now I'm currently running about town almost everyday, getting documents and stuff settled, buying new uni outfits (it's a must! :D), etc. So tiring lar. Intake is next sunday, on the 29th of June. And they gave us approximately 10 days to settle everything. TEN DAYS ONLY. Tak cukup lar. Plus I'm lucky that I have two close friends who got accepted into UPM. =))))

After every busy day, when I'm home sitting alone in my room at night, my mind starts to wander. About how is life going to be, that so many things are changing, how much I'll be missing my family and friends and everything here back in Ipoh. One chapter of my life has ended, the schooling life. And a new one is beginning.

Am very excited.

Am scared.

Happy and sad too.

Mixed feelings consume me and my thoughts. But I know I'm ready for whatever that comes my way. I'm strong because He is always with me, strengthening me and guiding me all the way. I thank You, Lord, for everything that you have blessed me with. It is indeed more than what I can ask for. I do not know what the future holds for me, but I know that all these are part of your plans for me.

Whatever plans I have in mind, Lord I surrender them to You. I will do the best I can but in the end, let Your will be done.

And people, let's meet up before I leave! Mustmustmust!
Gotta go now, I've stuff to do. Laters! *mwahhs*

17 June 2008

Gotta Go My Own Way

I feel like this song here expresses what he's trying to tell me.
It's from High School Musical 2, the movie. It's a duet by the way.

I gotta say what's on my mind
Something about us
doesn't seem right these days
life keeps getting in the way
Whenever we try, somehow the plan
is always rearranged
It's so hard to say
But I've gotta do what's best for me
You'll be ok..

I've got to move on and be who I am
I just don't belong here
I hope you understand
We might find our place in this
world someday
But at least for now
I gotta go my own way

Don't wanna leave it all behind
But I get my hopes up
and I watch them fall everytime
Another colour turns to grey
and it's just too hard to watch it all
slowly fade away
I'm leaving today
'cause I've gotta do what's best for me
You'll be ok..

I've got to move on and be who I am
I just don't belong here
I hope you understand
We might find our place in this
world someday
But at least for now
I gotta go my own way

What about us?
What about everything we've been through?

What about trust?

you know I never wanted to hurt you...

and what about me?

What am I supposed to do?

I gotta leave but I'll miss you

I'll miss you

I've got to move on and be who I am

Why do you have to go?

I just don't belong here
I hope you understand

I'm trying to understand

We might find our place in this
world someday
but at least for now

I want you to stay

I wanna go my own way
I've got to move on and be who I am

What about us?

I just don't belong here
I hope you understand

I'm trying to understand

We might find our place in this
world someday
but at least for now
I gotta go my own way
I gotta go my own way
I gotta go my own way

That's Why You Go Away.

Baby want you tell me why there is sadness in your eyes
I don't wanna say goodbye to you
Love is one big illusion I should try to forget
But there is something left in my head

You're the one who set it up
Now you're the one to make it stop
I'm the one who's feeling lost right now
Now you want me to forget every little thing you said
But there is something left in my head

I won't forget the way you're kissing
The feelings so strong were lasting for so long
But I'm not the man your heart is missing
That's why you go away I know

You were never satisfied no matter how I tried
Now you wanna say goodbye to me
Love is one big illusion I should try to forget
But there is something left in my head

I won't forget the way you're kissing
The feelings so strong were lasting for so long
But I'm not the man your heart is missing
That's why you go away I know

Sitting here all alone in the middle of nowhere
Don't know which way to go
There is so much to say now between us
There ain't so much for you
There ain't so much for me anymore

I won't forget the way you're kissing
The feelings so strong were lasting for so long
But I'm not the man your heart is missing
That's why you go away I know

13 June 2008

Shadows Bleeding Through The Light

I want to tell you things that I can't tell anyone else.

But I can't even tell them to you.

Life's so hard. And painful.

11 June 2008

Tagged by Sook Ching

8 Things I'm Passionate About

- God

- Myself :D

- Relationships

- Music

- Fashion

- Food

- Singing

- Reading

8 Things I Say Too Often

- OMG!

- huh?

- weii ahh


- sh*t

- yerrr

- oh okie

- HMM.

8 Books I Read Recently

- The Bible


- Female

- Perfect Strangers

- (no other books d. hehe.)

8 Songs I Could Listen Over And Over Again

- Better In Time by Leona Lewis

- Who Am I by Casting Crowns

- Always Be My Baby by David Cook

- That's When I Love You by Aslyn

-Almost Here by Brian McFadden & Delta Goodrem

- Like A Star by Corrine Bailey Rae

- Blessed by Hillsongs

- Realize by Colbie Caillat

8 Things I've Learnt In The Past Year

- Give more, expect less

- Worrying is a waste of time and energy. Leave everything to the Lord.

- Your Love for God is potrayed through your love for those around you.

- Fake lashes can do wonders for my eyes! :D

- You don't love someone for how good they are or anything on the outer appearance. You love them for who they truly are.

- Playing games/sports produces happy hormones in my body therefore it makes me happier!

- Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Never rely on what you think you know.

- You can't make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved, and the rest is up to that person to realize your worth.

8 People I Tag

- Kar Men
- Steven
- Joshua
- Fiona
- Yian Yan
- Eza
- Chee Ching
- NJ

06 June 2008


It's kind of funny how people say they want to rekindle broken relationships and create new friendships but their actions are so the opposite with certain others.
Such hypocrites, no?

03 June 2008

A Smile For Us

Recently, I've been having nightmares almost every night.
Scary they are. Some even made me cry. Yeap. That terrible.
But then I remind myself that dreams are just dreams.

Today is a different day for me.
It wasn't a fun-filled day packed with activities or anything exciting, but somehow it wasn't like the previous ones I had from a week plus ago.

I actually feel happy today.
Not too happy nor unhappy, but just delighted and cheerful.

Don't know what made my day actually.
Maybe it was the shows I watched, but that can't be because I watch shows every day.
Maybe it was the food I ate, but nope, certainly not that.
I think it was because I reminisced about the past, and I did not shed a tear. But I was glad. Reading all ninja turtle's messages to me, and how he cared for me and loved me, it just makes me smile. (I'm trying my best to not be cheesy here ok =P)

I'm looking more on the bright side, less on the sadness and hurt.
Because I love him. And in order to love him, I must first love myself, which I really do :D
Many people walked in and out of my life, and every one of them changed me in a way or another. But the one person who impacted me most, I will always treasure.

Wish I could talk to you like normal too, you know.
But it's alright, maybe we just need time. =)
There was a purpose God put you in my life. And I'm thankful that I had the chance to know someone so special, so unique, like you. Okay yes I know you're not dying. But yeah. Hehe.

Daphne's current status: Hopeful.
Because: Where there is love, there is hope and faith.

I've been missing you. And I still do. (:

"I set you free, cos I love you, hope you come back."- R.K.

30 May 2008

Lovey Dovey Kiss Kiss

I had no idea that we could actually MAKE-OUT in many different languages!

You must be wondering,"Whatthecrap is Daph saying?!?"

Here, I'll show you :


Like, what kind of a book title is that??

Mata also terbeliak already @.@

More languages anyone?

Such diversity eh. HAHAHA XD

Don't worry people, because now we can all make out in so many kinds of languages!


25 May 2008

Blessed Insecurity

I just want to share an article that I read for devotion and which pretty much struck my mind.

Let's read together :

Read 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Insecure? I would have never guessed it of him. Yet this well-known communicator/teacher of God's Word was admitting to his congregation that he often feels insecure. I was surprised, but could identify with his feeling. I too find insecurity a frequent companion. It gnaws at my confidence and plagues my heart with questions. Did I preach an effective sermon? Was I misunderstood? Shouldn't I be a better father? Am I as sensitive as I should be to my wife?

I dislike insecure feelings intensely. But I also realize that they can have tremendous value, because it's in those times that my heart flies to the Lord for strength. Insecurity drives me to seek His Word for perspective and to rely on Him for comfort.

Insecurity also keeps me from the distortion of a proud spirit. Most often, insecurity is prompted by a focus on being sufficient in ourselves to succeed. It thrives on the desire to look good, to be recognized as being special and worthy. Thankfully, insecure feelings help serve as helpful reminders of how truly insufficient we are in and of ourselves, of how much we need God. If we never felt insecure, we would be plagued by the worst enemy of all, self-sufficiency. As C.S. Lewis once said,"It is not a good thing to say we have all we need if that 'all' does not include God."

I find that my insecurities also help me become more sensitive to others, and more ready to offer a much-needed word of encouragement to another who may be struggling with the silent accuser of insecurity.

The truth is that I am a risk to God's effective work through me. We all are. Pride, insensitivity, self-sufficiency, and a host of other potential snipers lurk under the surface of our lives. But as Paul reminds us, these weaknesses can ultimately reveal God's power in us. He often uses insecurity to turn pride into authentic humility, self-sufficiency into solid trust in God, and insensitivity into a useful and empathetic sensitivity to others. Look under the cloud of anxiety and insecurity. . . the silver lining is that it provides an honest look at yourself and a productive reliance on God. -Joe Stowell

What are you thinking about after reading the passage?

I know that I myself do suffer from insecure feelings at times, especially just recently.

Do you too?

What situations make you insecure?
Mind to share?

I will share about mine in the coming post.

Have a great week people! :)

21 May 2008

A Short Sucky Sappy Poem I Wrote

There is so much on her mind since that day
Everything that she was told made her mind blank
She's so full of thoughts, yet so blank
Yes, life is never fair
But how unfair can it be?
Or maybe she's just a fool
A foolish girl finding her way through
She tried to give you everything
She tried to be the best she could for you and her
You gave up on her so easily
On yourself, on both of you
Maybe you never really wanted it as much
Or maybe she's the fool
The fool that caused all this upon herself
And guess who that fool is?

I gave you my heart, and that's all I can give you.
And if that's not enough, I guess I'm not enough.

I guess things will never be the same again.
No, wait. I know they won't ever be.

14 May 2008

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honor

In conjunction with the release for Made of Honor in Malaysia, Hong Leong Bank in collaboration with Buena Vista Columbia Tristar is having an exquisite 8 course dinner at JW Marriott KL which features various wedding themed performances and the movie premiere of Made of Honor right after the dinner.

Details of the event as followed;

Date : Thursday, 12th June 2008
Venue: JW Marriott KL Ballroom
Attire : Formal, Suit, Evening Gown

The people at Hong Leong were nice enough to offer Nuffnangers 40 invitations to the grand event! Each invitation grants access for two and is inclusive of the Premiere Screening of Made of Honor.

If you were wondering, YES, this is another contest. HEEHEE.
And so, Daphne is going to fish her way to Made Of Honor! Bwahahaha XD

My first score:

And my final highest score after many many attempts:

Hopefully it's high enough to get me invitations :D

If you're a Nuffnang-er and want to try your hands on this game, go here. The deadline for request of invitations is on the 4th of June 2008. For more info, click here or log on to www.nuffnang.com.my